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  • Several methods for disinfection of tableware in high-end hotels

    Several methods for disinfection of tableware in high-end hotelsSeveral disinfection methods and disadvantages of tableware in high-end hotels1. Thermal disinfection method: Thermal disinfection includes boiling, steam, and infrared disinfection. Generally divided into moist heat disinfection and dr

  • Four tips for choosing ceramic tableware

    Four tips for choosing ceramic tablewareI believe that many people have used ceramic tableware, ceramic bowls, ceramic plates, ceramic pots, ceramic spoons, etc. However, ceramic tableware, as utensils in direct contact with our food, its quality will directly affect our health, so ceramics The choi

  • How to choose hotel tableware?

    How to choose hotel tableware?The hotel’s dining is always exquisite and delicious, from the selection of ingredients to the design of the plate. In addition, the choice of tableware is also very important.1.The right tableware can be the icing on the cakeWhen buying ceramic tableware, choose tablew

  • The correct way to hold a Western food knife

    The correct way to hold a Western food knifeKnives and forks are rarely used when eating in China, but chopsticks are used. Unless you are eating steak in a western restaurant, you will use it when eating in China.chopsticks. After all, chopsticks are commonly used eating tools in China and one of t

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