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Are environmentally friendly soft plastic tableware really practical? What are its advantages, disadvantages and materials

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With the continuous improvement of global living standards, silicone materials have now occupied most of the kitchen utensils, and more and more pots and pans are made of silicone materials. Silicone scrapers also occupy one of the silicone tableware categories. Kind of, silicone material is a safe and environmentally friendly material, which also includes some nylon and hardware compatibility to a certain extent, but pure silicone material also exists, and based on different materials and functions, how should you choose silicone material?


Pure silicone spatula is one of the most widely used early functions. The use of pure silicone spatula is mainly for cutting pastries and stirring. Its advantage lies in its convenience and convenience in the production process. The production and processing of silicone spatula manufacturers can be directly cured and formed. After the mold, the high temperature secondary vulcanization is carried out in the QC test, and the trimming can complete the entire work process. The finished product can meet the standard export and safety and environmental protection qualifications without adding any other substances.

The hardware-coated silicone scraper is different. It is mainly used to wrap or bond the hardware and silicone. The advantage of the hardware-coated rubber is that it has greater use strength and can be used more easily in cutting or shoveling. It is because the process of hardware and silica gel is complicated. In the production of silicone products processing plant, the hardware wrapping material needs to be put into the mold for curing, and glue is also required for fixing. The cost will be higher than pure silica gel, and the production efficiency and yield Will be appropriately reduced.


In addition to the encapsulation process, the hardware and silicone bonding of the silicone spatula is also one of the common tableware at present. It is mainly used for the silicone spatula and the handle part is hard rubber, and the scraping head belongs to the soft rubber method and is separately formed in the secondary bonding process. This process will reduce the defect rate, and the cost of the bonding process and the hardware encapsulation process is not much different, but the production process is different, and the actual effect of the product is also different, depending on the needs of different consumers.

Nylon coated squeegee is a relatively widely used product at present, it is the same as the process of hardware processing, but the later use effect of the product gives consumers a better experience, because nylon material has a certain temperature resistance effect And the short-term tortuous effect, so you will feel that it has a certain strength during use, but it can also achieve tortuous flexibility, so it is recognized by the majority of consumers.

The process is the same, using silica gel encapsulation processing and silica gel bonding plastic processing methods, while the process of nylon bonding silica gel is stronger and the subsequent service life is stronger.

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