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1. Safety is always the first to solve hidden safety problems:

Raw materials do not contain harmful ingredients, although most people may completely ignore the raw material safety problems of tableware and cooking tools, or adopt "avoidance" methods to solve the problem, but We have no such concerns. The raw materials of our products meet the highest testing standards, and we also ensure that there are no prohibited ingredients in the raw materials. In addition to guaranteeing these certified standards, we also conduct our own laboratory tests to ensure the safety of the materials used.
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2. Never cut corners or cut corners

We have been pursuing the best product quality. Many manufacturers, no matter what, want to reduce their production costs, so they may cut corners in some materials, although this reduces their Production costs, but they will make their customers take a lot of unnecessary risks. We will strive to improve the production efficiency of the products through the upgrading of the process level, instead of reducing the production cost from the material port, so you will find that every product from Catherine has a very high quality.

3. Process Upgrade

We have a lot of advanced production equipment to make our products achieve zero error in quality, so our products can withstand scrutiny and the test of various certifications. Our staff will have a very high standard of production training, and we will give them a similar training every month. At the same time, we will carry out independent product inspection after each process, and control the quality of the product in every link.

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