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Enjoy the moment of food

There are too many precious moments in our lives that are combined with food. They may be a wonderful gathering of friends, an unforgettable graduation dinner, a marriage proposal full of surprises, a priceless business meal, no matter it is What kind of scene, food accompanies us every day. But there is no beauty in food, just like exquisite dresses and no matching high heels. Half of the deliciousness of the dining table comes from the tableware. For those who know how to live, the tableware on the table is generally not bad. Using a good utensil to hold a dish is the sense of ritual it should have. Sometimes high-value dishes are even more attractive than the delicacy in the bowl. As a kitchenware brand with a history of more than 20 years, Cathylin has always advocated using a set of exquisite tableware to enhance people's experience of food. It is Cathylin's long-term pursuit to enable people to better enjoy the meal time, or to make people enjoy the cooking time happily. Cathylin believes that the happiness of life comes from discovery, but also from the enjoyment and experience of everyday beauty. Many small objects that we inadvertently discover actually carry a lot of energy of happiness and joy. Through these small discoveries in life, we absorb, digest, and develop each person’s unique taste preferences and different experiences of beauty. Kitchen supplies.

Who is Cathylin?

Since its establishment in 2009, Cathylin has gone through 11 years. Not only has Cathylin become a market-recognized food and kitchen brand, it also represents people’s pursuit of improving dining experience. Most Cathylin’s pursuit of food no longer It’s just a simple meal. What people want to experience is a pleasant dining mood. So Cathylin combined her brand concept and products to make tableware a product that improves the quality of life. Many people can feel that their product experience is wonderful. Today, Cathylin has a very comprehensive category of food and kitchen supplies, including tableware, kitchen utensils, baking supplies, bar utensils and a series of products. Cathylin hopes to bring a very good product experience to both his users and customers.

Make love easier

Making a dinner for your loved one by yourself, or enjoying a meal with your loved one, should be a moment that everyone will pursue. How to make your cooking simple and interesting is also one of the goals that Cathylin pursues. For those who love to eat and cook, the kitchen is their paradise, the place they dream of wanting to make perfect. Therefore, Cathylin hopes that through her continuous innovation products, more people can enter the kitchen and are willing to make a delicious dinner for the one she loves. Of course, in the world we live in, there are still many people who are unable to use exquisite tableware, and many people even don’t even have tableware. Cathylin hopes that through her own efforts and some charity behaviors, we can improve the life experience of such groups and let They can also have a sanitary and comfortable dining experience. To make love easier is not just a small love for family and lovers, but also a big love for society and the disadvantaged.

Turn tableware into art

The founder of Cathylin, Mrs.lin, believes that although the food culture of different people in different countries in the world is very different, people's pursuit of a good dining experience is the same, that is, people hope that they can fully enjoy the food brought by them. Happiness. When people walk into a restaurant, or share food with friends, the role of tableware becomes very important. A good set of tableware may make many people have a good mood before enjoying the food. As a woman, when Mrs.Lin saw very beautiful tableware, he hoped that he could collect them, even if he did not use them as decorations at home, it would make people feel happy. At the same time, she can fully appreciate the women's love for some small objects or the yearning for making some food for her lover by herself. So when Cathylin was founded, she wanted to make tableware into art, so that their kitchenware can meet today's market demand in terms of exterior design, functional experience, material standards, etc., and at the same time can enjoy food and make food People bring a very comfortable experience.

Innovation to meet the future

With the acceleration of the pace of life, people's daily time becomes extremely precious. How to make the best dishes in the shortest time is the common pursuit of many kitchenware brands. The same goes for Cathylin, who wants to make cooking easier to complete. So Cathylin has innovated a lot of iterative products of traditional kitchen utensils. They can make users cook faster and more efficiently. At the same time, with the development of the Internet, more and more e-commerce platforms have become one of the channels for people to buy food and kitchen supplies. Cathylin has always hoped that her brand can continuously create new functions and styles in products, such as saving space for storage of food and cooking supplies, more in line with user habits, and faster cooking. The marketing model can continuously meet the changes of the times, and provide products and services for more Amazon e-commerce sellers, shopify e-commerce sellers, or some emerging food and kitchen supplies distributors, bringing them more convenience And benefits.

Reach out for charity, let love spread all over the world

Environmental protection, public welfare, hygiene, and health should be the issues that every food and kitchenware brand that has aspirations needs to think about. Cathylin hopes that she can work with more cooperative customers and partners to jointly advocate: healthy, hygienic, and beautiful food experience. So every year, Cathylin also organizes a large number of public welfare activities, donating products to some people in need, and contributing to them to improve their life experience. Cathylin hopes that more partners can join us in the future, let us promote a beautiful food experience together, and at the same time give a power of love to our world.
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