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Hotel tableware is not only made of tableware, but also an art. The quality of hotel tableware is related to the development and reputation of the hotel. Therefore, it is very important to choose good hotel tableware. 
  When purchasing hotel ceramic tableware, do not use overglaze decorations, especially ceramic tableware. The inner wall cannot be painted; ceramic tableware bought back should be soaked in water containing vinegar Boil; do not use ceramic tableware to store acidic foods and beverages such as juice, wine, coffee, etc. for a long time; 
  Don't choose brightly colored plastic tableware. The release of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium in the color patterns of some plastic tableware exceeded the standard. When purchasing, try to choose colorless and odorless plastic tableware without decorative patterns; When choosing porcelain for microwave ovens, avoid products with metal decoration. Products with gold or silver edges or patterns inlaid with gold paper or metal wire shall not be used; 
  When buying ceramic tableware online, be sure not to buy Sanwu products. After you purchase, ask the other party to give national certification labels. When buying tableware online, remember not to look at the appearance of the product, but to see if it is a certified product.

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