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Tableware has a service life. See if your tableware should be changed?

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"Diligence and thrift" is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. Many people of the previous generation can continue to use it as long as the things are not damaged. Yes, thrift is a good thing, but don’t be too frugal when using tableware. Many people don’t know that tableware has a long life. If it exceeds its own expiration date, it may pose a threat to your health.

How long is the service life of various tableware?

The first is stainless steel. Stainless steel tableware is not easy to rust. It has good corrosion resistance and is not easy to be damaged. However, stainless steel tableware contains various trace elements, such as lead, manganese, etc., if used for a long time, these elements may penetrate Come out, endanger people's health. When there are scratches in the stainless steel tableware, or the phenomenon of the coating peeling off, it is recommended to replace it in time and replace it according to your own situation. Generally speaking, it is replaced every three years.

The second type is wooden tableware. Wooden tableware is a very common tableware material. The cutting boards, chopsticks, rolling pins, etc. we use are all wood. The service life of wooden tableware is relatively short compared with stainless steel tableware. Generally, it needs to be replaced in three to six months.


If you find that there are small black dots on the wooden tableware, it means that it is moldy. Change it in time, because if the wooden tableware is moldy, it is easy to breed aflatoxin and cause harm to human health. It should be noted that this The black spots formed by the mold cannot be removed by heating or washing, so they can only be replaced.

The third type is ceramic tableware. Ceramic tableware is relatively healthier. It does not contain all kinds of trace elements like stainless steel tableware, nor is it as easy to breed mold as wooden tableware. As long as there is no crack, it does not affect the use. , Can be used forever.

However, in order to pursue beauty, many people choose to buy some ceramic tableware with patterns. This type of ceramic tableware will add some metal minerals during the production process. If you find that the pattern of the ceramic tableware you bought has faded, do not use it anymore. , Because if you accidentally eat the fallen metal material, it will also pose a threat to your body.

The fourth type is imitation porcelain tableware. This kind of tableware is a bit similar to ceramic tableware, but imitation porcelain tableware is not easy to break, so many parents like to buy this type of tableware for their children. However, the disadvantage of this kind of tableware is that it is not heat-resistant, and it cannot contain too acidic food, otherwise the formaldehyde in it will be released, which will endanger health in the long term. Porcelain tableware has a long service life and can be used for a long time, but if it is damaged or deformed, it should be replaced in time.

The fifth type, plastic tableware. This is the most unhealthy kind of tableware. It is best to use less or not to use. Plastic tableware has a short lifespan, generally only about one year. If it has emitted a peculiar smell, it may have deteriorated and it is not suitable to continue to use it. Up. In addition, plastic tableware should not be thrown randomly, but should be classified correctly and disposed of in time.


Meals of different materials have different lifespans. If the tableware exceeds the expiration date, it will be replaced in time. The tableware is closely related to our lives and directly touches our mouth, which directly affects our health. Therefore, the hygiene of tableware is a problem that cannot be underestimated.

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