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Understand the silicone tableware, is there any harm to the environmental protection of its materials?

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At present, with the threat of the new coronavirus, many friends have also developed a sensitive view of the bacteria, which is a microbe. Many daily necessities are disinfected and used. Tableware is the most commonly used cooking tool among daily necessities, and disinfection and cleaning Later, it also made us uneasy. I don’t know whether it will produce harmful substances. Friends who are more sensitive to tableware start to compare that type better and more practical. Silicone kitchenware has become a wise choice. Will it produce harmful substances in high temperature?

Compared with thermoplastic elastomer plastic products, silicone materials have relatively great advantages. Environmental protection is the essential feature of its materials. The raw materials are mainly combined with silicone dimethylsiloxane, silicone resin and silicone oil and white carbon black. The siloxane molecule does not conflict with any substance, and it does not conflict with any substance from the material to the finished product. It can be used in daily necessities for long-term contact with any skin and food.


Therefore, in addition to environmental protection, the main feature of silicone tableware is temperature resistance. During normal cooking, silicone pots and bowls can withstand temperature between -60°C and 280°C without any phenomenon, so it plays a role in pots and bowls. There is no problem with the soup, but as a direct open flame cooking wok, it will not meet the requirements. At the same time, if its use temperature exceeds this range, the silicone material will age and become white ash due to the temperature resistance limit of the material. During the burning process The appearance of white smoke will not cause severe pungent gas, so it is different from conventional natural rubber and belongs to a kind of thermoplastic material with the best environmental protection and safety in synthetic rubber.

For its advantages, the temperature resistance is one aspect. Compared with the metal spatula, the natural temperature resistance range cannot be matched. However, it has certain advantages compared with plastic and wood materials. After the product density is fine, the liquid cannot be integrated immediately after use. Air-dried, while wooden materials are prone to prolonged soaking in humid environments to breed bacteria, while hard plastics are not stable enough in temperature, and long-term high temperature conditions will cause product deformation or toxins.


High temperature resistance is the main advantage of silicone products. During the production process, the molding and curing temperature of silicone kitchenware manufacturers has been as high as about 180°C. Because the surface temperature of the mold is as high as 180°C, the product material is catalytically formed by the upper and lower molds after adding the curing agent. Therefore, the temperature range during normal use is naturally not lower than the operating temperature of one or two hundred degrees. Its raw materials are mainly paste-like liquid glue-like substances. At present, there are several different processes to complete the production of silicone tableware, and the more common one is solid molding,forming.

The choice of silicone kitchenware is a skillful thing. Many consumers value the brand, some consumers value quality, and the more important part is the material and safety. Silicone raw materials can be divided into ordinary and Food-grade and medical-grade silicone products of different grades, and the lowest contact with the human body also needs to reach environmentally friendly food grade, so it is the key to determine its material grade. The main method of determination is to identify from the aspects of smell, appearance and feel, although ordinary There is not much difference in performance from food grade, but it is only possible to distinguish its material to ensure the value of the product.

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