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How to choose hotel tableware?

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The hotel’s dining is always exquisite and delicious, from the selection of ingredients to the design of the plate. In addition, the choice of tableware is also very important.

1.The right tableware can be the icing on the cake

When buying ceramic tableware, choose tableware with white inner walls that do not contain overglaze pigments. The newly purchased ceramic tableware can be soaked and boiled with 4% vinegar water to remove harmful substances.


2. Remember not to choose brightly colored plastic tableware!

In the color patterns of some plastic tableware, the release of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium exceeds the standard.

3.Do not choose paint chopsticks

Although painted chopsticks are very decorative, the paint contains many toxic substances such as lead and cadmium. It is best to choose unpainted bamboo or wooden chopsticks that meet the sanitary standards.

4. Non-stick pans and rice cookers are not suitable for dry cooking

When heated to above 400°C, the coating inside may release the toxic gas tetrafluoroethylene.


5.Iron and aluminum tableware should not be used together

Since aluminum and iron are two metals with different chemical activities, when water is present, aluminum and iron can form a chemical battery, and the result is that more aluminum ions enter the food.

Food is the most important thing for the people, and everything you eat from tableware to ingredients should not be neglected. After reading this guide, will it help you solve your confusion when choosing? Health is the most essential guarantee of life!

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