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The correct way to hold a Western food knife

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Knives and forks are rarely used when eating in China, but chopsticks are used. Unless you are eating steak in a western restaurant, you will use it when eating in China.

After all, chopsticks are commonly used eating tools in China and one of the commonly used tableware in the world. Whether using chopsticks or knife and fork is a symbol of table manners. Let's get to know the correct way to hold a knife and fork together.


The main tableware for eating in the West is knife and fork. Stone knives or bone knives were first used. Later, Westerners tried to improve their eating posture.Because it is unsightly to use a knife to deliver food into the mouth, it looks elegant to use a fork to deliver the food into the mouth instead.The fat method is more exquisite. The basic principle of throwing a fork is to hold the knife or spoon in the right hand and the fork in the left.On the handle. You can also use your right hand to fold, holding a knife or spoon. In addition, when eating with a fork, use a fork to fix the left side of the food.

Restaurant tableware

Then cut the food into bite-sized pieces with a knife, then dip the fork in the seasoning and put it in the mouth. Cutlery knife and fork on the table.

The number of dishes is equal to the number of dishes, and they are arranged from outside to inside in the order of serving. When having a meal,-usually the left and right hands cooperate with each other.

Not only is the method of holding knives and forks exquisite, but also the placement of forks on the table. If you take a short break during the meal, you can put the two pairs separately in the plate, and the knife head and the tip of the knife are opposite to form a "line" or "eight" shape, with the two facing you, indicating that you will continue to eat.

If you are talking, you can hold a knife and fork without putting it down, but if you want to make a gesture, you should put down the knife and fork. Never hold a knife and fork in your hand.

Sway in the air. Special attention must be paid to the side of the blade facing you.

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