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Wine tasting, start with understanding the wine glass

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Colorful, different styles of cocktails, some are passionate, some are mysterious and distant, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. It seems that there is no gorgeous color that cocktails can't mix. The colorful cocktails bloom through the pure and bright wine glasses one by one or in the shape of triangles or flutes. There are many kinds of glasses for cocktails, and the martini glasses are the typical ones. Different cocktails are served in cocktail glasses of different shapes and sizes.

Martini Glass

Martini is known as the king of cocktails "the best masterpiece in cocktails". This kind of cocktail glass has a capacity of 98ml, or a small size of 100ml. In any case, many cocktails in the world use martinis. It is generally in the shape of an inverted triangle and consists of a cup foot and a trumpet-shaped body. Suitable for short drink cocktails.

Wine glass

Margarita Cup

Margarita is called "after the cocktail", it is one of the most famous traditional cocktails in the world except Martini. It is also a cup for Margarita cocktails. This kind of wine glass has a wide-sided or platform-style goblet. This platform is conducive to the decoration of margaritas (with salted edges). The capacity varies, about 160ml, and some are 180ml.

Colin Cup

Colin cups are also known as tall cups and chimney cups. They are commonly divided into British and American cups with slender flat bottoms. It is used for simple beverages such as whiskey and soda or gin and fruit juice, or as a cocktail. It can also be used to hold fruit juice or soda. The capacity is 240-360 ml, and the taller barrel is called the chimney cup.

Classic cup

The classic cup is the cup used by the British to drink whiskey and other distilled spirits and main drinks in the past. Thick wall, short cup body. This kind of cup is generally no more than 10CM in height, and the capacity is generally 250ML.

Wine glass

Hypo Cup

It is mostly used to hold long drinks or soft drinks. For example: distilled alcohol plus soft drink cocktails, mineral water and carbonated drinks, etc.

Rock Cup

On the rock glass is a flat-bottomed cup with a cylindrical shape. This type of glass can be filled with ice cubes. It is often used in bars for drinking spirits with ice cubes and pure whiskey. Certain cocktails also use this glass.

Liqueur glass

Its capacity is about 30ml. It is generally used when drinking liqueurs, but it is also sometimes used to drink after-dinner cocktails, such as the most classic angel’s kiss and after-dinner cocktails such as rainbow wine.

Milkshake cup

It is a cup specially used for drinking milkshakes in bars or restaurants. Sometimes it also holds cocktails, but in some formal occasions, it only holds milkshakes.

Champagne glass

Champagne glass (English: champagne glass) refers to a glass wine glass specially used when drinking champagne, which is a kind of goblet. There are three types: tulip flower shape, flute shape and shallow saucer champagne glass.

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