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Why do people use ceramic bowls for food, but drink a lot of water from glass cups

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The physical properties of glass products are poor, and they are more fragile than porcelain products when they encounter impacts, knocks, and sudden changes in cold and heat. Therefore, even if there are glass tableware, most of them are tempered glass, which is costly. Therefore, among non-porcelain tableware, plastic meals have a price advantage, and metal meals have physical properties (the surface is hot and insulated).

It is difficult for glass to make the exquisite feeling of porcelain products. For the same bowl, glass is often thicker and heavier.


Glass processing belongs to thermoforming processing, and the processing process is complicated, and the required machine cost is high. Porcelain can be large or small, and can even be produced in a small workshop. This greatly reduces the entry level of porcelain tableware and makes porcelain tableware more popular.

Personal aesthetic point of view is very poor, but the porcelain tableware has a fair texture and simple outline, which is beautiful. On the other hand, due to the limitation of processing conditions, the glass tableware is mostly transparent and frosted, with a small amount of monochrome. After the dishes are loaded, the decision is made.

Traditionally, porcelain products have no obvious advantages in other materials, and there is no claim that porcelain products are not as good as other materials. Porcelain tableware is still the mainstream.


Porcelain also has many advantages. For example, the emergence of Jingdezhen Shadow celadonware in the Song Dynasty made Chinese ceramics emerge as the hegemon in the world, but at the same time it hurt Chinese glass. China's glass before the Han and Tang Dynasties burned well, until the Song Dynasty. It's over. Because glass is compared with it, there is no point that exceeds it. For example, porcelain conducts heat slowly, and glass conducts heat quickly, so you can’t hold it with hot water. In addition, glass will fry when it is cold and hot, but porcelain will not fry. Once the glass is broken, it can no longer be used basically because it will hurt the mouth. The most deadly thing is its high cost.

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