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Which tableware is most suitable for children?

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Children use tableware should first of all be safe, material safety, the use of the process of safety.

Glass, ceramic children's tableware

Environmental protection and safety, should not breed bacteria, but fragile, fragments are easy to hurt children, not recommended for young children to use alone.

Stainless steel children's tableware

Stainless steel tableware so that mothers and fathers like, especially because of its material safety, commonly used unchanged and loved, coupled with the fall-resistant, easy to clean, antibacterial strong more mothers and fathers love. 

stainless steel flatware

Silicone tableware

Silicone food bowl is made of food-grade silicone, environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless, has the advantage of low and high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance to 240 degrees, non-slip insulation is also good, but also to reduce the temperature of the food drop, in a certain period of time to maintain the temperature of the food. The texture is light, soft and fall-resistant, can also be folded, no sharp parts, do not worry about hurting the baby.

silicone dinner set

Porcelain-like children's tableware

Also known as mimosa children's tableware, is a plastic, the chemical name is called melamine, also known as mimosa resin, you may be intimidated by its name, but in fact, it is a very safe material, its non-toxic and tasteless, fall-resistant and touch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature resistant, lightweight and beautiful, with a strong comprehensive, often used as a material for children's tableware, the market is also very common.

Plastic children's tableware

Before the development of new materials, many plastics are toxic, so parents who are generally a little older will not choose plastic tableware for their babies, because they know that plastic will emit toxic substances over a long period of time. But with the emergence of various new materials - polypropylene, PE, etc., to ensure that the material is safe and non-toxic, so plastic tableware once again on the table. However, due to its use for a long time is not easy to clean, easy to adhere to grease, easy to rub the edges of the problem, plastic tableware is also not the first choice of mothers and fathers.

plastic chopsticks

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