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What wine can a stainless steel hip flask hold?

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A good bottle of wine must be accompanied by a good jug. There are many different materials for hip flasks. They are made of wood, jade, and stainless steel. The quality of stainless steel hip flask is very good. It looks exquisite and has various colors, which is favored by many businesses. Next, let's understand what wine can be loaded in stainless steel flagon and how to clean stainless steel hip flasks.

Stainless steel flagon

Common hip flask functions

1. Ordinary hip flask: used for pouring wine during family or party drinking.

2. Warm wine jug: When it is cold, you can put the wine in a warm wine jug, and then put it in a vessel containing hot water to heat the wine for drinking. It is also called a hot jug.

3. Portable hip flask: also known as portable hip flask, which translates to Hip flask in English. It is a long and thin container, usually used to hold distilled beverages. The bottle shape is designed to fit the trouser pocket or jacket inner pocket. It is small and can be sealed with a lid, so it can be taken with you for drinking at any time.

4. Horn jug: made of horns, generally used for long-distance travel, larger than portable jugs, convenient to drink, ethnic minorities mostly use jugs with horns, and there are also cowhide jugs, which have similar functions.

5. Ancient hip flask: Ancient hip flask has high artistic value and ornamental value. It is now mostly collected in museums, and there are also folk, but it is generally used for collection and inheritance.

6. Stainless steel hip flask: this kind of hip flask is widely used in modern society, and it can be used by the family and on the march. And it is not easy to damage, more wear-resistant, but not corrosion-resistant. It is best to fill white wine instead of soda, red wine and other acidic liquids.

Advantages of stainless steel hip flask

Beautiful appearance, excellent quality, novel style, easy to carry, strong filtration,"Drinking must be healthy" is the consensus of everyone, so it is necessary to install a few "safety nets"-filters in stainless steel kettles. The key locations such as the bottom of the kettle and the water outlet can be described as "organs". Several filters are installed to remove scale and purify the wine.

What wine can stainless steel hip flask hold

Both white wine and foreign wine are fine, but red wine is not suitable. Vodka and Moutai are more spirits. Food-grade stainless steel containers can contain many types of wine, but it is best not to contain high acidity, as there will be ingredients that dissolve in the wine. Usually, some wines with high acid content will leave marks on the container wall when sprayed, indicating acidity It will corrode stainless steel.


How to clean stainless steel hip flask

1. Prepare white vinegar or mature vinegar. Dip a cloth or sponge in the vinegar, rub evenly on every part of the stainless steel flask, let the vinegar corrode, and then rinse with water. This method is suitable for descaling.

2. Add detergent, vigorous fine sand, water and shake to the stainless steel hip flask, pour out, rinse, add boiling water and soak for 3 minutes, pour out, and soak in heated water for half an hour.

3. If the small stainless steel hip flask is not used for a long time, it is easy to oxidize and the welding seam is easy to turn black. You can wipe it with vinegar and rinse it with clean water.

4. The stainless steel material is different from others, it is easy to leave splash stains and fingerprint marks. You can use an eraser to wipe off the marks and splashes of the stainless steel hip flask without water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

5. Dry the small hip flask. If the stains are serious, you can use a rag to dipped in the decontamination powder and scrub it, which can effectively remove the stubborn stains.

6. If you care about the gloss of stainless steel, you can choose stainless steel oil, which is sold online.

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