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What should I avoid when choosing baby tableware?

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When parents wanders among the wide variety of children's tableware, it is inevitable that she will subjectively choose from patterns and personalities. Little do they know that improper selection of children's tableware will cause great harm to the baby's health. Here is a reminder of the types that mothers should avoid when choosing children's tableware for their babies:

1. Plastic tableware: Plastic tableware is polymerized by polymer compounds, and chemical substances such as solvents, plasticizers and colorants are added to meet the material requirements during processing. When the baby uses plastic tableware, these chemical components will be transferred to the food and directly harm the baby's health.

2. Colored tableware: The paint used in the internal drawing of tableware is usually colored glaze, and colored glaze contains a lot of lead. Acidic food can dissolve the lead in the colored glaze and enter the baby's body together with the food. In addition, if the chopsticks are painted, the paint will be swallowed as the baby chews repeatedly. It should be understood that children absorb lead 6 times faster than adults.

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3. Sharp tableware: Metal rice spoons and knives and forks are dangerous, and the rough edges of tableware with rough manufacturing process can easily scratch the baby's hands. During teething, babies often like to find something to bite because of itchy teeth. Once the sharp tableware is bitten by the baby, it is easy to damage the gums.

4. Tableware that is not easy to clean: The material of some tableware is not easy to clean, and grease and bacteria are easy to adhere. If it is not thoroughly disinfected at high temperature, it will cause the baby to be easily infected with intestinal diseases.

In summary, the following suggestions can be considered when choosing tableware for your baby: take into account the baby’s physiological characteristics, buy tableware more from the practicality; the material is not easy to become brittle, aging, and is not easy to fray during repeated friction; try to choose no Utensils with painted patterns; do not choose painted chopsticks; do not use plastic tableware to hold high-temperature food and microwave heating; clean the tableware thoroughly in time, and try to sterilize it at high temperature; try to separate baby tableware from adult tableware.

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Let me talk about the chopsticks.

Statistics show that babies who use chopsticks earlier have better IQ and abilities than those who use chopsticks later. What are the benefits of using chopsticks for the baby?

Can strengthen fine motor: When the baby uses chopsticks to hold food, not only the 5 fingers are active, but the wrist, shoulder and elbow joints are also involved at the same time, which is conducive to the development of fine motor.

It can promote visual development: when the baby clamps food, both eyes will look at the same target. This seemingly simple behavior requires the balance and coordination of the extraocular muscles of the baby's eyes and the fusion mechanism of the cerebral cortex for imaging.

Helps brain development: Baby use chopsticks can not do without brain reflexes, the brain area that controls the muscles of the hands and eyes is much larger than other areas, so learning to use chopsticks will play a brain-building effect.

Usually when the baby reaches the age of 2 or 3, he likes to imitate the adult holding chopsticks. At this time, he should take advantage of the situation and help him learn to eat with chopsticks. You can choose bamboo chopsticks for your baby, which are easy to handle and colorless and non-toxic.

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