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What problems should be paid attention to when using stainless steel tableware?

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Stainless steel tableware has a beautiful appearance and is easy to be cleaned. It is welcomed by more and more people. Whether it is chopsticks or spoon basins, there are very, very many types of stainless steel tableware. In fact, compared to stainless steel tableware, I prefer ceramic tableware, because the ceramic tableware is very beautiful, with different patterns on it, and the ceramic spoons are very small. The disadvantage of ceramic tableware is that it is too easy to break, and it breaks as soon as it is dropped, and it is very distressing after it is broken. But stainless steel cutlery, you don't have to worry about these things, they are very resistant to falling, and there will be nothing to do when you fall to the ground.


1. Can not store sour food

In the process of using stainless steel tableware, we must be careful not to use it to hold particularly sour dishes, such as pickled fish and other sour dishes or vinegar. Otherwise, some harmful substances in the stainless steel tableware will enter the food, which is very bad for our body, because the vinegar will react with the stainless steel. Also, when using stainless steel pots for cooking, be careful not to make too sour dishes. If you have to cook very sour dishes, it is best to use iron pans. Although stainless steel pots have good thermal conductivity compared to iron pots, it has many limitations. We have never heard that iron pots cannot be used to make sour dishes. Stainless steel tableware can't be used to store acidic foods and can't be used to cook traditional Chinese medicine.

2. Cannot cook Chinese medicine

The proportion of Chinese medicine in our lives is getting bigger and bigger. Many friends around me use Chinese medicine to regulate the body, especially some female friends. When people cook Chinese medicine, many times they use a small stainless steel pot to cook, but this is not possible. Stainless steel pots must not be used to cook Chinese medicine, because Chinese medicine contains alkaloids and other ingredients. These ingredients will react with the stainless steel pot during the heating process, and these reactions will destroy the properties of Chinese medicine. After the Chinese medicine is boiled, it will have no effect, and even let toxic substances enter the Chinese medicine. Therefore, it is very dangerous to use stainless steel to make Chinese medicine.


We need to know that although the stainless steel pot looks very easy to use and looks more beautiful, it cannot be used to cook various things. You need to be very cautious about cooking Chinese medicine. Not all pots can be cooked. Otherwise, you don't know if the Chinese medicine you drink is effective or ineffective. If you want to cook Chinese medicine, I think everyone should cook it in a casserole, so that Chinese medicine can be used to its fullest effect. In addition to not being used to cook traditional Chinese medicine, do not put the stainless steel pot over the fire.

3. Don't burn it empty

Sometimes, in order to remove the moisture in the stainless steel pot, we put the wet stainless steel pot over the fire to let the moisture evaporate. But this approach is very bad for stainless steel pots, because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is very low, and its conductivity is very slow. If it is kept on the fire, the coating on its surface will age. Falling off, which is very damage to the stainless steel pot. Moreover, after this layer of coating is aging and peeling off, the stainless steel pot is very easy to react with other substances, and the food produced in this way is very unsafe. Although the stainless steel pot is very convenient to use, it is still a relatively thin pot, and empty burning can only lose its service life. We need to pay more attention when cleaning stainless steel tableware.


4. Pay attention when cleaning up

Stainless steel cutlery will form a stain on the surface after being used for a period of time. This stain will make the stainless steel cutlery look not so smooth, and the luster is much dimmed. At this time, the stainless steel tableware must be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning up, I think you need to use a soft cloth dipped in detergent and other detergents to scrub, and the stains can be quickly removed. However, everyone should pay attention not to use too much force when scrubbing, otherwise it will damage the surface of the stainless steel tableware, and be careful not to use steel wire to clean the stainless steel tableware. Damage to the surface of stainless steel tableware will make it very ugly, and it will also cause certain difficulties when using it. Damage to the meal will affect the mood of the meal. In addition to cleaning stainless steel tableware, we have to disinfect stainless steel tableware regularly.

5. Regular disinfection

Why disinfect regularly? Because no matter what tableware is used for a period of time, a lot of bacteria will definitely grow on it. If it is not disinfected, the bacteria will enter our body and cause harm to our health, especially the chopsticks we often use There are spoons and bowls, which I use every day. If they are not disinfected, these bacteria will be more and more kept there. In this way, we are likely to eat a lot of harmful substances when we eat. So all our tableware needs to be disinfected to make them clean and usable.

The above content is the problem that needs attention when using stainless steel tableware. I think we should pay attention to this point. Stainless steel cannot be used to hold very sour foods, nor can it be used to fry very sour dishes. Otherwise, we will eat food that is harmful to our body. When cleaning stainless steel tableware, be careful not to use some corrosive cleaning agents, such as baking soda, etc., cleaning with these things will easily react with stainless steel tableware.

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