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What material is good for baby tableware?

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Children are all in a family. We do our best to give them the best food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Tableware is something that children will touch with their mouths every day. Therefore, parents are very careful when choosing tableware. What material is good? Here are some suggestions from experts, moms may wish to collect them. 

Stainless steel for drinking water

The advantage of stainless steel tableware is that it is not easy to breed bacteria, it is easy to scrub, and has less chemical elements. It is most suitable for drinking water. But it conducts heat quickly and is easy to burn your hands; and if you can't hold vegetables with soup for a long time, it will dissolve heavy metals and harm your baby's health. Experts suggest that when purchasing stainless steel tableware, parents should buy tableware of code 18-8, and choose a manufacturer with good quality, so as to ensure the quality. In addition, do not use stainless steel utensils to hold acidic foods.

Baby tableware

Plastic tableware for eating

Plastic tableware is the most suitable for babies to eat. It has a beautiful appearance, is drop-proof and not fragile. However, it is difficult to clean, and the edges and corners are prone to serious friction. Experts advise parents not to store too oily food when using plastic tableware, and do not store food that requires heat preservation. And when choosing tableware, choose transparent and colorless ones without patterns on the inside, and don't buy odorous ones. Choosing high-quality plastic products from large manufacturers is the guarantee of a healthy baby's diet.

Glass tableware is the most environmentally friendly

The tableware made of glass products is the most environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and does not harm the baby's body. But its fragile characteristics make many parents worry. Therefore, it is best to watch it by the parent when it is used by the baby, just in case.

Wooden tableware does not need to be painted

Wooden tableware has good insulation effect, is not fragile and natural, and is favored by many parents. However, it is not easy to clean, prone to bacteria, and the surface is poisonous after painting, which has become the key to parents' concerns. When choosing wooden tableware, parents must choose smooth, easy-to-clean, and unpainted ones.

Baby tableware

Enamel tableware and imitation porcelain tableware

Enamel tableware causes high production costs and is becoming less and less common in the market. But its good heat preservation effect, easy cleaning, and less harmful substances are the most suitable choice for baby tableware. There are many imitation porcelain tableware on the market, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Parents must purchase products from regular manufacturers with production licenses and serial numbers to ensure quality. In the process of use, parents should pay attention to safety, and it should not be used for too long. The enamel will easily fall after being used for a long time, and it will be dangerous if the baby eats it by mistake.

Nowadays, children's tableware is full of tricks and categories, and many of them are expensive. In fact, children's tableware does not want fancy, but the simplest and most healthy, so parents should not be confused by appearance and choose carefully.

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