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What kind of wood is suitable for tableware?

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Solid wood is the most suitable wood for tableware. Wooden tableware is best without cracks, hard wood and smooth surface. If you want to choose good quality, you should know some knowledge about wood. Choose wooden tableware, try not to choose those that have been painted. Painted wooden tableware has a shiny appearance. Most of the painted tableware has a high lead content. After long-term use, the paint will enter the body with food and endanger human health. It is best to choose natural wood Tableware.


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1. Wooden tableware should be used for a long time and use with peace of mind. Users need to pay attention to placing a layer of oil-absorbing paper when placing fried foods: When using wooden tableware to store fried chicken, sweet and not spicy and other high-temperature and high-fat foods, remember Put a piece of oil-absorbing paper to avoid direct food contact with wood, which helps to extend the life of tableware.


2. Don't use wooden tableware for easy-staining food: If you use lighter-colored wooden tableware, don't put in easy-staining foods such as curry. When the pigment penetrates into the pores of the wood, it is difficult to clean and easy to clean. The edge of the tableware leaves a circle of yellow water-filled marks.

3. Never put it in the microwave: Never put wooden tableware into the microwave. Wooden tableware contains water due to its plant cell wall. Once it is heated in a microwave oven at high temperature, when the water content of the tableware is uneven, it is easy to deform or even crack.

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