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What kind of tea goes with what tea set, do you know?

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Teach you how to match different teas with tea sets?

Qi is the father of tea, and water is the mother of tea. To make a good pot of tea, the choice of tea set plays a vital role, and there are many particulars. Different tea types, different tea drinking habits, different occasions and seasons should choose different tea sets.

Tea types include black tea, green tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, white tea, Pu-erh tea, etc., as well as old tea and new tea. There is a saying that "the old teapot is brewed, the tender tea is brewed in the cup". This illustrates the importance of tea sets to tea. Here is an introduction to several teas that are often drunk in life how to match tea sets.

Tea set

1.Black tea

Blue and white porcelain, the color is exquisite, bright and white, delicate and clean. Using blue and white porcelain to brew black tea can highlight the color of the black tea and make it look clearer and clearer. It is a good choice for brewing black tea.

2. Green tea

Transparent glass (should be colorless, flowerless, and without lid), transparent in texture, fast heat transfer, and airtight. When making tea in a glass cup, the tea leaves move up and down during the entire brewing process, and the leaves are gradually stretched. The color of the tea soup revealed can be seen at a glance.

3. Oolong tea

Oolong tea and zisha teapots are a perfect match. The ceramic lid of the zisha teapot has holes, which can absorb water vapor without forming water droplets on the lid. Dripping into the tea water will stir the tea water and accelerate the fermentation of oolong tea without losing the original flavor. Without the peculiar smell of the tea set itself, the fragrance is rich in fragrance, and the color, fragrance and taste are all good, and the fragrance is not loose, which gives the true fragrance of oolong tea.

4. Tieguanyin

Soak Tieguanyin is the first choice for tureen. Because the lid bowl is made of white porcelain, it does not smell and conducts heat quickly. Tieguanyin is pearl tea, and its volume after soaking is very different from that of dry tea. The tureen is conducive to the extension of the leaf surface to appreciate the leaf bottom. Moreover, modern Tieguanyin is basically the method of fragrance tea, that is, lightly fermented and lightly fired. It is different from traditional Tieguanyin. Therefore, it pays more attention to its fragrance, and it is brewed with a lid. When the lid is opened to smell the fragrance, this is purple sand. The pot is incomparable. Also known as the "Sancai Cup", the lid is the sky, the cup is the person, and the support is the earth. It is for the people of heaven and earth. It is also known as the unity of heaven and earth and people when savoring tea, and you can taste the true taste of Tieguanyin.

Tea set

5.Flower tea

The most recommended for scented tea is a glass pot, which is not only practical but also beautiful! There are many styles of scented tea, and there are many colors, for example, after the rose crown is soaked, it will be a complete rose. You can see the perfect shape of the rose in a glass pot, which is pleasing to the eye! If you use a porcelain cup, you can't see the beautiful form of scented tea blooming in the water from the outside!

Scented tea is picked directly for drying, so it is inevitable that there will be some dust. If you use a flower teapot, it is recommended to wash the tea quickly, so that you can drink more pure flower tea.

As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, a good boat is equipped with a good sail, and so is tea. For different types of tea, the matching of tea sets can better set off the color, shape and fragrance of the tea, and make the process of tasting tea tend to perfect. The tea sets have different shapes, various colors, and are exquisite and unique. It is an indispensable taste when tasting tea. I believe that everyone will be able to experience the visual enjoyment that tea sets bring us in daily drinking.

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