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What kind of chopsticks are good for eating, and how to choose the right chopsticks?

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In our daily life, each of us uses chopsticks to eat, but now the chopsticks on the market are made of various materials, such as bamboo, wood, stainless steel, plastic, etc., which makes people dazzling, so which chopstick is the most suitable Where's the tableware?

Chopsticks are very important tableware in our lives, so it is very important to use appropriate chopsticks to eat. Nowadays, there are many kinds of chopsticks. What kind of chopsticks should we use for eating? Let us take a look at it in detail!

Types of chopsticks

1. Lacquered chopsticks: Lacquered chopsticks are very beautiful and have many changes in shape, but it is precisely these beautiful chopsticks that are least recommended to be used in daily life. Because the heavy metals, lead, organic solvent benzene and other substances in the paint will cause many unknown hidden dangers to the body and affect health.


2. Bamboo chopsticks: When we choose chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are the first choice and the best choice. It is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and the cheapest of all chopsticks. Bamboo chopsticks of good quality will not be deformed even in high temperature.

3. Wooden chopsticks: There are not many solid wood chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks, and they are very safe. However, there is a difference when buying wooden chopsticks. You should choose natural wood chopsticks, because you choose beautiful processed wood. Chopsticks, the baking varnish on the chopsticks, or other unknown substances can easily enter the body through food.

4. Plastic chopsticks: Plastic chopsticks are bright in color and unique in shape. Many young people and children like plastic chopsticks very much. The colorful chopsticks also allow us to easily distinguish the chopsticks of the owner and the guests, and put them in the chopstick box. It feels very good-looking, but the texture of plastic chopsticks is relatively crisp, and it is easy to deform and melt after being heated, and produce harmful substances to the body.

Stainless steel chopsticks, ceramic chopsticks, silver chopsticks: Korean stainless steel chopsticks that have become popular in recent years with the popularity of Korean food; ceramic chopsticks with a Chinese taste, silver chopsticks, these chopsticks look good, but they are used Some are heavy and feel bad, especially for children and the elderly.


How to choose chopsticks?

In the market, there are various types of chopsticks. How do we choose to find the right chopsticks? So next, we will teach you how to choose chopsticks.

1. Do not use painted chopsticks, because the heavy metal lead in the paint and organic solvent benzene and other substances are carcinogenic, and with the wear and tear in use, once the paint on the chopsticks falls off and enters the human body with the food, it will seriously harm Human health. Especially some families like to use brightly colored chopsticks with colorful lacquer for their children. The children's tolerance to lead and benzene is very low, so they must be avoided;

2. Secondly, the texture of plastic chopsticks is relatively brittle, and it is easy to deform and melt after heating, and produce harmful substances; bone chopsticks have good texture, but are easy to change color, and the price is relatively expensive; metal chopsticks such as silver and stainless steel are too heavy and feel It is not good, and the thermal conductivity is strong, it is easy to burn the mouth when eating overheated food;

It is recommended that you choose natural chopsticks, bamboo chopsticks are the first choice, it is non-toxic and harmless, and very environmentally friendly, you can also choose natural wooden chopsticks. However, due to the material, bamboo chopsticks and wooden chopsticks are not easy to clean and will be contaminated by pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, they should be disinfected frequently and kept clean.

How to maintain chopsticks

Let's take a look at how to maintain chopsticks and extend the life of chopsticks as much as possible.

First of all, the family try not to mix chopsticks. Because mixed use, it is easy to cause cross-infection of some diseases. Studies have shown that nearly half of people have Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach problems, and most of these bacteria are transmitted through families. Chopsticks are one of the important transmission media. Therefore, chopsticks at home should be dedicated to someone.

Secondly, clean chopsticks thoroughly. Many Chinese families are very "outrageous" when washing chopsticks. Put a whole set of chopsticks under the faucet and rub them in the chopstick holder. As everyone knows, it is easy to breed bacteria on the chopsticks and enter the human body with food, endangering human health. The correct washing method should be: wash the chopsticks carefully with detergent, drain the water, and then put it in the chopstick holder. Moreover, the chopstick holder should be hollowed out, with no water accumulation at the bottom, and should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Again, chopsticks should be replaced frequently. In many families, it is common to use a pair of chopsticks for two or three years. However, once the chopsticks are used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth, and frequent scrubbing can easily make the chopsticks rough, and there are many small grooves, which are very easy to retain bacteria. Therefore, it is best to replace chopsticks every six months.

Finally, part of the chopsticks maintenance is attributed to the chopstick cage, and the chopstick cage should also be cleaned frequently.

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