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What issues should be paid attention to when choosing chopsticks for babies?

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Toddler experts suggest that babies can start learning to use chopsticks after they reach two years old. Children at this age like to imitate the behavior of adults, and the baby already has a certain degree of muscle coordination and can perform some fine training.

Children chopsticks

1.The chopsticks used by the baby should be slightly shorter and thinner, preferably a little angular, so that it is not easy to slip and is easy for the baby to grasp.

2. At present, there are a variety of beautiful chopsticks on the market, but for beginners, light square bamboo chopsticks should be used, because natural bamboo chopsticks are non-toxic and harmless and are good for children’s health; in addition, square bamboo chopsticks Chopsticks are not easy to slip off after catching things. Do not use painted chopsticks to prevent harmful chemicals from harming your baby.

3. When babies just start learning to use chopsticks, they should first pick up some larger pieces of food that are easy to pick up, and continue to encourage them to increase the child's confidence. Parents can first find some light and rough food , Such as small rice balls, dried tofu, etc., so that the baby will be easier to catch.

4. Parents can first demonstrate and do some exaggerated and interesting actions to attract the baby's attention, so that the baby will actively learn to eat with chopsticks under the drive of curiosity and imitation psychology.

5. It is best to prepare a dining chair for your baby with a moderate seat height, and prepare your own bowl specifically for your baby. Choose a slightly larger, stable, and half bowl of dishes, and place them where the baby's chopsticks can reach. For food, choose those with rough surfaces that are easy to pick up.

Children chopsticks

It is very light for adults, but not easy for babies. Therefore, in the beginning, it is inevitable that the food will be scattered everywhere, in order to save trouble, some parents do not train the children to use chopsticks in time, and keep the children eating with the spoon until the children grow up to be very big. This approach is not appropriate.

1.Children's learning to use chopsticks is a gradual process. At the beginning, parents don't have to force their children to use chopsticks in full accordance with their own posture, so they can slowly explore in practice. With age, children will become more and more proficient in chopsticks.

2. Don't force your baby to use chopsticks when he is not ready. In this way, it is not only difficult to learn, but also frustrates his enthusiasm. In addition, if you don't want your baby to mess up the dining table, you can give him some toy tableware and toy food for a while before he officially uses chopsticks.

3. Parents should try their best to let their babies learn the correct way to hold chopsticks. Parents’ demonstration role is very important in the development of baby’s habits. Parents should practice with their babies for difficult movements like using chopsticks. But if the practice of using chopsticks is too enthusiastic and affects the baby's appetite, the original purpose of eating will not be achieved. You must know that it is difficult for a strong person and excessive practice is not advisable.

4. Adjust the height of the baby's holding chopsticks according to the baby's situation. Generally, it is recommended to place around 1/3 of the upper part of the chopsticks. Too high or too low is not good, and it will directly increase the difficulty for the baby to hold food. In order to facilitate the gripping, some babies will hold their hands lower when they are held. Parents should correct them in time.

5. In the daily meal process, gradually add one or two items that are difficult to pick up, such as red dates, fish balls, etc., to gradually increase the difficulty of picking up training. You can also choose some foods your baby loves to eat to improve his enthusiasm. Or outside of the meal time, cooperate to play some interesting games or competitions related to the use of chopsticks. For example, use chopsticks to hold marbles or table tennis balls, use chopsticks to peel grape skins, and so on.

In addition, after your baby learns to use chopsticks, don't forget to teach him some basic etiquette for using chopsticks. For example, do not use chopsticks to knock bowls, do not bite chopsticks when eating, and do not do impolite actions such as "pointing at others with chopsticks".

It is impossible for a baby to learn to use chopsticks in one day. So it is the key to keep your baby interested in continuous learning. Parents should gradually put forward new requirements according to the progress of the baby's practice. It is easy to dampen the enthusiasm of the baby if you put forward too high requirements at once. Parents are advised to have a mentality of "playing educational games with their babies" and not rush to get the results of the game. The process of happiness is the most important.

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