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What is the use of straws in bars?

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Straws are very familiar to everyone in daily life. It can appear almost anywhere in life, and it is its biggest function to drink beverages.

In today's world full of plastics, it can be regarded as causing very serious pollution. Many animals die because of it, especially marine life. So now some righteous people who value environmental protection chant and use less plastic products. The straws of bars are also plastic products, so some bars and wine brands put forward the idea of not using straws and began to implement them in actual operations. These bars, some brands, including bartenders, have started such environmental services. However, there are certain difficulties in drinking some drinks directly, especially in bars that emphasize decoration. The mouth of the cup may not be able to find a place to drink, so the straws are still needed, so the metal straws that came into being have begun to be used in large quantities in bars.

Bar straw

Metal straws are generally made of food-grade stainless steel, and I personally find it very easy to use. Some people may think that metal straws are unhygienic after repeated use, or that they have a bad taste (feel bad to bite). But as long as the cleaning work is done well, there is no such thing. As for the taste, I think it depends on the individual.

Why do bar cocktails often use two? Many students have asked me this question, and I have written an explanatory article before, but it is not comprehensive. Let’s talk about this issue today.

1.Prevent blocking, which is one of the reasons for the two straws. Especially for cocktails such as mojitos that use a lot of crushed ice, the crushed ice in the wine, and the contents of fruit mint are easy to block the straw. Two straws can be a good way to avoid the embarrassment of guests.

2. Make friends. Of course, the more handsome guys are looking for young ladies. When they see the girl who meets the eye, they go and pass another straw over and invite them to drink together.

Bar straw

The emergence of metal filter straws is mainly to deal with crushed ice cocktails. I mentioned the mojito before, as well as the peppermint Julep. Now there is a special filter straw for drinking peppermint julip, which is also suitable for various cocktails with crushed ice or contents.

Drinking a B-52 bomber cocktail through a straw is also a common operation method in bars. In the past, plastic straws were mainly used, which required quickness. Because it is drinking this glass of cocktail while burning, in order not to melt the straw, it needs to be finished quickly before the straw is melted. Otherwise, you will leak and you will not be able to drink wine. If this happens, you will usually be laughed at. It is recommended to make a long foldable straw, bite the long end first, insert the short end into the burning glass, and quickly suck up the wine in the glass. By the way, don't insert it to the bottom, otherwise it is easy to have a vacuum when the straw is connected to the bottom of the cup and the wine is not easy to suck up. Also, don’t worry about the flames, tilt your head when you drink, and don’t face the top of the cup. It will really burn your hair. When the flame is sucked into the straw, it goes out without oxygen, so there is no need to worry about burning into the mouth. On the contrary, it is easy to burn yourself by just holding it up and pouring it into your mouth. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that you must pay attention to safety when playing with fire. Now you don’t have to worry about melting the metal straw.

Many professional bars are now promoting environmental protection. Some cocktails that do not require straws are not produced with straws. At the same time, edible straws are now appearing. It seems that the environmental protection agenda is really on the rise. It's just that this straw is easy to soften after being in liquid for a long time. At the same time, paper straws have also been used in beverages.

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