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What is the normal daily amount of water a person drinks?

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The daily water demand of healthy adults is about 2500ml, of which drinking water accounts for up to 50%, the water contained in food is about 40%, and the water produced by metabolism in the body accounts for about 10%. Therefore, living in mild climate conditions Adults with light physical activity drink at least 1200ml of water per day.

Reasons for proper water consumption:

A person's daily water demand is mainly affected by various factors such as age, environmental temperature and physical activity. The amount of urine that the human body can excrete in a day is about 1500 ml, and then plus the water lost from feces, breathing, skin and many other ways, so the total human body consumes about 2500 ml of water a day, so people need to drink an appropriate amount of water every day to supplement Human body needs.

Extended information:


The benefits of adequate drinking water:

1. Water has strong dissolving power and ionizing power. Fat and protein can also be dissolved in water under appropriate conditions to form an emulsion or colloidal solution. Food enters the mouth and stomach and intestines, and the digestive organs secrete digestive juice, such as Saliva, gastric juice, pancreatic juice, intestinal juice, bile, etc. can be digested and absorbed.

2. The body's lack of water will slow down metabolism, accumulate too much energy and fat, and cause obesity. Water is not only a medium of biochemical reactions in the body, but also participates in chemical reactions such as oxidation, reduction, synthesis, and decomposition in the body. Water is the guarantee of metabolism.


3. Drink plenty of water in summer to cool down and prevent heatstroke. Ingestion of the three major nutrients in the human body requires oxidation and metabolism under the action of water to release energy. Lack of water in the body will lead to heat and heat stroke. Water can improve body fluid circulation and maintain the body's osmotic pressure and acid-base balance.

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