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What is the meaning of giving chopsticks

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In folklore, lovers should give each other chopsticks as gifts on the Qixi Festival, and they take the good word of "pairs". In addition, the Chinese have always had the custom of begging for eloquence. Chopsticks have good intentions such as fast birth, happy happiness, and five sons enrolling in school. Ten pairs of chopsticks together mean perfect.

Chopsticks, chopsticks, fast birth

This is very popular in the last years of our Qing Dynasty, so the chopsticks are in pairs, and they are used as a token of love when they are married. The two chopsticks stay together and grow old and never separate.


Chopsticks etiquette

The chopsticks are arranged in a [lotus] shape, representing a full house of gold and jade, placed on the mother's uncle table in the wedding banquet, and the mother's uncle table in the birthday banquet. [Star] chopsticks can be lined up to take the full meaning of blessing and longevity. The table can be arranged with chopsticks with the word "Shou" to show the meaning of longevity.

Arranged with chopsticks in the word [喜喜], the bridal table placed at the wedding banquet is a perfect match for a hundred years!

Give chopsticks special: send chopsticks = send happiness. Take the homophony: chopsticks, there are good intentions such as fast birth, happy happiness, etc. Therefore, giving chopsticks means sending happiness.


Shuangmu Serves as a Forest, Accompanied Forever

"Shuangmu serves as a forest and will be with you forever." Chopsticks has always been a symbol of equality, friendship, and harmony. In addition, chopsticks have the meaning of quickly giving birth to a child, so they are very suitable for wedding gifts.

"Using chopsticks" equals "working together"

Chopsticks need two small sticks to work together to catch food. A chopstick has a small strength and is easy to break, but if many chopsticks are gathered together, it will become very strong. From the side, it shows that a person's power is very limited and must cooperate with each other to complete. Therefore, many people choose to gift chopsticks to their business partners. But don't give silver chopsticks as a gift, which represents temptation and distrust.

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