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What is the correct process of making tea?

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There are six steps to making tea:

1. Thermoware

Diagram of the correct tea making steps.

Rinse all the tea sets with boiling water, and then drain the teapot and cups. The purpose of the warming set is to increase the temperature of the tea set, so that the temperature of the tea is relatively stable after brewing, and it also plays a role in cleaning.

Tea set

2. Set tea

Putting tea means putting tea leaves. Put a certain amount of tea leaves into the tea pot (cup). The quantity of tea leaves varies with different tea leaves, and it can be put according to personal preference.

3. Brew

After placing the tea, pour boiling water into the pot. It is usually best to flush it to 80% full. The brewing time is generally about 5 minutes. The more brewing times, the longer the steeping time.

4. Pour tea

The brewed tea should be poured into the sea of tea first, and then poured from the sea of tea into the teacup of the guests.

Tea set

5.Serve tea

When serving tea, you need to use a tea tray to hold it to the guests, place it in front of the guest's right hand, and invite the guests to taste tea.

6. Tasting tea

After the tea is brewed, you should not rush to drink it. Instead, you should first observe the color and form, then serve the cup to smell the fragrance, and then sip the soup to enjoy the taste.

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