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What is the best knife to cut fruit?

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The sweetness of the heart and the natural fragrance of the drink burrow into the heart. It nourishes from the inside out, and the mouth is full of flavor. No matter in which season, fruits are people's favorite, both nutritious and delicious. Cut fruit need to match a good knife, can easily cut fruit, then how to choose a fruit knife?

How to choose a fruit knife

1, plastic fruit knife. There are small children at home, in the purchase of fruit knives can choose plastic fruit knives, because this fruit fishing is made of plastic, so it will not cut fingers, so you can avoid children are accidentally scratched. But when buying plastic fruit, be sure to choose the PP material, because this plastic material is non-toxic and harmless, will not produce any side effects on the body.

plastic fruit fork

2, stainless steel fruit knife. Stainless steel fruit knife is the most common fruit knife on the market, when buying should choose the knife with a rounded tip to avoid accidental stabbing by the tip.

stainless steel fruit fork spoon

3, ceramic fruit knife. Ceramic fruit knife looks very beautiful, it is generally made of zirconia powder, so the ceramic fruit knife has a higher hardness and a more rounded surface. Ceramic fruit knife can only be used to cut fruits and vegetables, can not touch other harder substances, or there will be the risk of shattering, but the selling price of ceramic fruit knife is a little higher than the first two.

ceramic handle fruit fork knife

4, when buying to observe the fruit knife blade, no matter what kind of material the fruit knife, the blade should be straight, can not have a gap, and can not have barbs. Then there is the observation of the back of the knife and the knife body, the back of the knife should also be in a straight line, the knife body should be smooth and flawless.

The above is about how to select the fruit knife method is introduced, friends who need to know, if you do not know the selection method, you can refer to the above points, I hope it will be useful to you.

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