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What equipment is needed for bartending?

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For bartending beginners, thousands of cocktail recipes will make people dazzled and confused. A set of suitable bartending props is essential.

Tool introduction

1. Measuring Cup

The two ends of the measuring cup can respectively hold different volumes of liquid for measuring wine. It is an essential tool especially for beginners. Common specifications are 1/2oz-1oz, 1oz-2oz, etc.

Bar utensils

2. Taming

Used to mash fruits or any other ingredients that need to be crushed, or to crush large ice cubes.

3. Filter

The filter, as the name suggests, is used to filter out the wine in the shaker. If you use French shakers and Boston shakers, you generally need to use filters. Ice strainers are divided into handles and without handles, non-slip ones and non-slip ones. Most of them are equipped with handles in China. They are often used to filter shakers (used with shakers) and are made of stainless steel. Common specifications are: 2 heads and 4 heads. The difference is that the 2 heads have larger filter holes, which are suitable for preparing non-fresh juice beverages, and the 4 heads have smaller filter holes, which are suitable for making cocktails containing fresh juice or jam.

4. Ice tongs

Used to clamp ice cubes.

Bar utensils

5. Bartender

The shaker can almost be regarded as a representative tool for cocktails, but in fact, not all cocktails need a shaker. Cocktails that need to be shaken usually include eggs, cream, liqueurs, and sweet juices. Normally, milk liqueurs and sweet juices with lower density need to be shaken for about 15 seconds, while eggs and cream need to be shaken for about 25 seconds. There are three types of shakers:

(1) Boston Shaker: Also known as American Shaker. It is divided into two parts, a metal bottom and a glass or plastic blending cup. The blending cup can be inserted into the bottom of the pot to shake. The Boston shaker needs a strainer to filter the wine, and some bartenders like to gently open the bottom of the kettle and the blending cup after shaking, and filter the wine with the gap between the two. The capacity of the Boston shaker is much larger than that of the traditional British shaker, so it is suitable for mass production of similar cocktails. Some Boston shakers also have common cocktail recipe scales on the blending cup, so that the raw liquor can be poured directly into the pot to save time.

(2) French Shaker: It is divided into two parts, a metal body and a metal lid. Therefore, the French shaker also needs a filter to filter the wine.

(3) Cobbler Shaker: It is divided into three parts, the body, the cap with a filter and a lid. Sometimes the lid can also be used to measure spirits.

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