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What are the specialties of drinking different wine glasses?

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No matter what kind of wine you are tasting, you must have three steps: watch its color, smell its taste, and taste its fragrance!

Different wines need corresponding glasses to better experience the ultimate experience of drinking and tasting.

As the saying goes, if you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools. For senior wine lovers, it is not only to be familiar with the characteristics of different wines, but also the vintages and even the different wines. The method, but also the understanding of the various types of wine glasses used, today I will share with the wine lovers.

Different wine tastings pay attention to seeing its color, smelling its taste and savoring its fragrance. Wine tasting is actually an experience of sight, smell and taste.

Wine glass

For example: the same red wine poured into different glasses will have different aromas. Mellow and astringent like wine, strong and mellow like whiskey, romantic champagne, cocktails with varying levels, refreshing and mellow beer with strong aromas of wheat, Maotai with outstanding sauce, sweet and sweet Wuliangye, different wines use different glasses. The way of wine tasting is to choose the right glass to maximize the deliciousness and mellowness of the wine.

01Drink red wine

Should choose those wine glasses with a wide back and abdomen to allow the red wine to fully contact the air and release more wine aroma. Before tasting the wine, gently shake the glass for about ten minutes to allow the wine to breathe fully, so that the aroma of the wine will be more charming.

02 white wine

Compared with drinking red wine, white wine has a lighter taste and is more volatile. Therefore, in order to retain the aroma of the wine and ensure a long-lasting fragrance, white wine can choose a goblet with a smaller belly or a smaller volume.

03 drink champagne

Champagne is well-known for its sweet taste and rich bubbles. The slender and elegant flute-shaped goblets (17cl) of the Le Meyer Vision series are the most appropriate to contain champagne. Pour the wine into the glass and watch the bubbles and foam slowly curl and rise in the crystal glass. Due to the slimness and slenderness of the cup, it takes longer than a wide-mouthed cup to retain bubbles and foam and the fragrance of fine wine, and it is a triple enjoyment of visual smell and taste.

Wine glass

04 drink cocktails

It is suitable for wine glasses with a wide mouth and shallow body. The unique inverted triangle shape of the cocktail glass can play a role in embellishing your cocktail creations. Putting a slice of green lemon or red cherry on the rim of the cup, or a small umbrella, or dipping a circle of sugar in the mouth of the cup to adjust the taste of the wine, etc., have special effects.

05 drink beer

You can only drink beer by glass. And beer mugs cannot be washed together with other tableware, because the residual oil and detergent ingredients will affect the production of foam, and after single washing, you must pay attention to natural drying before use. It is the rag fiber sticking to the cup after wiping. Will hinder foam production. Do not put wet cups in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, even the weak ice film will affect the aroma and taste.

06Drink Maotai Liquor

Many drinkers think that a small glass is a transparent or white drinking glass that is so small that it can be "suffocated". Why not drink it in a large glass or bowl? Is the wine too expensive? In fact, this is not the case. Although the cup is small, there is a big mystery inside it.

First of all, using a small cup can gather the aroma of the wine very well, and the aroma will diffuse slowly, making it easier to taste the wine.

Secondly, the use of a small transparent cup is convenient for observing the color of the wine, reflecting the first step of wine tasting, wine viewing. For a person who loves wine and knows wine, this is an essential step. Some people can roughly judge the wine quality from watching the wine.

Thirdly, the liquor content of the old people was not high in the age of drinking and eating meat. We must know that many of the wines now belong to high-grade liquor. If you drink in the way the ancients drank alcohol, it is estimated that you can rest after a bowl of wine. Naturally, I can't experience the pleasure of drinking. You have to drink slowly and taste slowly to have the taste of drinking.

Finally, using small wine glasses is not only convenient for receiving guests, but also elegant, and tasting small wines while chatting with guests, it is more elegant and interesting. The most important point is that using small cups to drink is not easy to leak and reduce waste.

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