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What are the parts of a wine glass?

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As red wine occupies a very important position in our high-quality life, a variety of red wine glasses have also appeared in our lives; what parts of a red wine glass are made up of?

1. Cup holder

The flat cup holder allows the glass to stand without tipping over, especially when it is full.

2. Cup stem

The appearance of the stem is to prevent the drinker's hands from touching the belly of the cup, so as to avoid fouling the glass or increasing the body temperature of the wine.

Wine glass

3. Size

There are many shapes and sizes of wine glasses, but a rule of thumb is that the wine glasses should be large enough so that there is enough space to avoid spilling of the wine when shaking the wine glasses, and the aroma can also be emitted and gathered in the glass.

4. Cup mouth

A high-quality wine glass will have a cut mouth that is smooth to the touch and will not hinder the flow of wine out of the glass. Wine glasses with rolled or uneven rims should be avoided.

Wine glass

5. Cup belly

The cup belly is probably the most important component of a wine glass, and it is also the most stylized. The shape and size of the cup belly affect the concentration and emission of aroma, the degree of ventilation and the visual presentation of wine. The most common shape is the tulip shape, which is slightly wider at the bottom and tapered near the top. This shape allows people to shake the wine and observe, while the aroma will be concentrated in the narrow opening, directly towards the nose. The glass used to drink full-bodied red wine is usually wide and round at the bottom, the purpose is to allow the wine to have more contact with the air, and provide more space for the rich taste and aroma; while the glass for drinking white wine The bottom is relatively narrow, in order to help keep the wine cool and converge the lighter aroma in a smaller space. Champagne glasses are thin and long to show the rising bubbles and help keep the temperature low.

6. Color

Although colored wine glasses or those with prominent decorations will be very beautiful, the best wine glasses should be smooth and flat, and the beauty and fineness of the wine in the wine glass can be clearly revealed through the glass wall.

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