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What are the meals? Introduction of tableware types

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Home life is inseparable from all kinds of tableware. Whether in the kitchen or on the dining table, we all use all kinds of tableware. Tableware is indispensable in our lives. Do you have any specific knowledge about meals?

1. What is the meal? What is the meal?

Various bowls, plates, chopsticks, spoons, forks, table knives, wine glasses, placemats, napkins, paper towel holders; others-raw and cooked chopping boards, panels, rolling pins, and basins, hooks, heat insulation pads, heat insulation gloves. Egg yolk separator, garlic press, onion cutter, apple cutter, peeler, shredder. Fresh-keeping film, fresh-keeping bag, fresh-keeping box, large and small storage tank, seasoning bottle, table cloth, scouring pad, detergent, vegetable washing machine, vegetable dehydrator, shaker cup, sealed can, etc.


2. What are the food storage utensils?

Food storage is divided into refrigerated and non-cold storage. Refrigeration is achieved through refrigerators and freezers in the kitchen. Utensils storage is to provide storage space for tableware, cookware, utensils, etc. Storage utensils are completed through various base cabinets, wall cabinets, corner cabinets, and multifunctional decorative cabinets.

3. What does the meal have-washing utensils

Including hot and cold water supply systems, drainage equipment, washing basins, washing cabinets, etc., garbage generated in kitchen operations after washing, garbage bins or sanitary buckets, etc. should be set up, modern home kitchens should also be equipped with disinfection cabinets, food waste Crusher and other equipment.

4. What are the meal-conditioning appliances

It mainly includes the countertops for conditioning, tools and utensils for sorting, cutting vegetables, ingredients, and preparing. Gas, gas stove, wok, steamer, bowls, plates, basins, chopping boards, kitchen knives, colanders, chopsticks, soup spoons and other utensils are essential in the kitchen. Seasonings such as oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, sugar, starch, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, star anise, dried chili, etc. are all kitchen essentials. With the advancement of science and technology, food cutting machines, juice squeezing machines, and brewing machines for home kitchens are also increasing.

5. What are the meals-cooking utensils

Mainly include stoves, stoves and related tools and utensils for cooking. As the kitchen revolution progresses, electric cookers. High-frequency electromagnetic stoves, microwave ovens, microwave ovens, etc. have also begun to enter the home in large numbers. The fifth category is eating utensils, which mainly include furniture in restaurants and utensils and utensils for eating.

Through the types of tableware and the overview of tableware, I have introduced you to the related knowledge of tableware. I believe that everyone now has a certain understanding of the classification of tableware and other concepts of tableware. For tableware, we must not only use it well, but also understand some related knowledge about tableware, such as the cleaning and maintenance of tableware, which will be very helpful to our home life.

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