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What are the functions of the different positions of the glass goblet?

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Regarding glass goblets with such different shapes, a goblet is always composed of four parts: the mouth, the body, the stem, and the base. Sometimes the mouth can be directly classified as the body, so the height The foot cup can also be said to be composed of three parts: the cup body, the cup stand, and the cup holder. So what are the functions of these different parts in the use of the goblet? What are the effects of different designs of these different parts?

【Goblet Cup Mouth】

The mouth of the cup is the edge of the wine glass, which helps to gather the aroma when smelling. The size of the angle formed by the rim of the cup and the cup body will affect the path of the wine flowing into the mouth. Generally speaking, the mouth of the white wine glass is narrow, and the wine is easier to flow to the front of the mouth; the mouth of the red wine glass is wider, and the wine is more likely to flow to the back of the mouth and the sides of the tongue.

Red wine glass

【Goblet Cup Body】

The body of the cup is the part that holds the wine. Basically, wine glasses have a narrow mouth and a wide belly to help gather the aroma. The body of the cup must be smooth and translucent, which is convenient for drinkers to shake the cup and smell the fragrance during wine tasting. The belly of the red wine glass should be short and wide, and the belly of the white wine glass should be tall and narrow. The former is closer to a spherical shape, and the latter is closer to the shape of a tulip.

【Goblet Cup Stem】

The cup stem is the part that connects the cup belly and the cup holder. It appears to prevent the drinker's hands from contacting the cup belly, so as to avoid holding the cup belly to increase the temperature of the wine, thereby affecting the flavor of the wine. The stem of the cup is required to be firm and suitable in length, which is convenient for shaking the cup and not easy to break.

Red wine glass

【Goblet Cup Holder】

The cup holder enables the wine glass to stand firmly on a flat surface. The cup holder must be strong enough to avoid tipping over when shaking the wine. At the same time, the cup holder must be wide enough to support the wine glass.

I hope that the above simple sharing will be helpful to everyone, and I hope you can learn more about the goblet through the above article.

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