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What are the etiquettes of using chopsticks

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Chopsticks, as one of the splendid traditional cultural representatives of Chinese civilization, are appliances that embody Chinese food culture. The correct use of chopsticks can not only help you eat smoothly, but more importantly, reflect your personal qualities and accomplishments.


Choose chopsticks

The choice of chopsticks referred to here includes the following aspects:

1. Choose natural and environmentally friendly bamboo chopsticks, which are the most healthy for the body.

2. Don't choose brightly colored chopsticks, which will release toxic substances when heated.

3. Choose chopsticks of the same length and style. Don't use several chopsticks for one table.

4. The chopsticks should not be too long or too short. It is convenient to use.

5. Use the correct order and don’t reverse it.

Correct use method

1. Hold the chopsticks firmly with your thumb, index finger and middle finger.

2. When using the chopsticks, only move the upper part for control.

3. The chopsticks should not be grasped too close or too far. It is appropriate to be about a quarter of the distance from the upper end.

4. Fingers should cooperate with items to control chopsticks instead of grasping chopsticks a lot.

5. Leave a distance of about 1 cm behind the chopsticks.

Don't bite, slap, or smash chopsticks

Chopsticks are utensils used for eating and are sacred. However, some people have followed the practice of biting pencils when they were young. They bit the chopsticks during eating, and some people will grab the chopsticks, and even use the chopsticks to deliver food. You have to smash your chopsticks after the entrance. These habits are very bad and will seriously damage your personal image. The habit of biting and holding chopsticks must be changed. After using the chopsticks, they must be correctly placed on the table. After the entrance, the chopsticks must be gently taken out without making any noise.

Don't knock chopsticks

From the beginning of the family, the old man taught that “you can’t knock with chopsticks while eating, and the dishes and bowls will become musical instruments, otherwise you will become beggars.” Although the old people have superstitions in it, they explain that they should be used when eating. Chopsticks knocking on dishes are very impolite and disrespectful to others. We should avoid it.


Use chopsticks

Although the Chinese adopt a common food system, with the improvement of people's awareness of hygiene and cleaning, they are now gradually paying attention to the problem of meal hygiene. When eating, prepare a pair of serving chopsticks. If you want to serve others, use serving chopsticks, so that everyone’s meal will be more harmonious and pleasant. If you use your own chopsticks to pick up dishes for others, it is easy to make each other feel awkward.

Don't turn vegetables

There are always people who use their chopsticks as a scoop to search through the dishes as if they are a treasure hunt. You have caught the dishes you like, but have you ever considered the feelings of the people at the table? How should other people serve chopsticks.

Such an approach will make people feel that you are selfish and not cooperative. Don't turn the dishes when you are picking dishes, don't pick up the dishes long distances, and the part in front of you.

Don't collide

If two people’s chopsticks meet while picking up a dish, it’s called grab chopsticks together. This name makes people feel that you are hungry and not picking food, and that makes people feel uncultivated.

Don't be anxious when picking dishes, don't move too fast, wait when someone else is picking dishes, and don't pick the same dish more than three times in a row.

Unclean or not clamped

When picking dishes, keep your chopsticks clean. If there are rice grains or vegetable leaves on the chopsticks, you must not pick them up. Keep your chopsticks clean and consider others.

Confirm and then clip

Facing a table of delicacies, if you want to taste the dish, then raise your chopsticks. Don’t lift the chopsticks up and dangling over the dish. You hesitate for a long time and don’t know where to place the chopsticks. You even hesitate to do things like that. , What you should do in the face of bigger things will leave the impression that you are indecisive and have no idea.


Put chopsticks correctly

In the process of eating, it is inevitable to talk, drink soup, take and other actions. At this time, you need to put down the chopsticks. How to put the chopsticks:

1. Be gentle and don't throw chopsticks loudly.

2. Don't put the chopsticks directly on the tabletop, put the chopsticks gently on the chopstick rest.

3. Don't place the chopsticks crosswise, but straighten them out.

4. Don't put the chopsticks directly on the rice, it is very unlucky.

5. The two chopsticks should be put together, not separate.

6. Clean the chopsticks before putting them.

Not for other purposes

When eating meat, some people use chopsticks to pick their teeth or use chopsticks to pull the unchewed parts. This will make people at the table feel sick and lose appetite. This is a very illiterate practice. 

If you need to pick your teeth, use a toothpick and cover your mouth with your hand.

I have seen some people turn their chopsticks into forks when eating chicken chopsticks and meatballs, and eat them as soon as they are inserted.

Don't use chopsticks to point people

Pointing at people with chopsticks is very impolite and disrespectful. It will give people the impression of lack of quality and must be avoided. If you accidentally point at people, you must explain and apologize in time.

Different devices have different usages. Not only will you not think that you are clever, but can only give people the impression of being uncultured and rude.

Don't miss

It is not easy to use chopsticks, and dripping vegetable juice on the table or other dishes is a serious disrespect and will be despised by others.

If you encounter a dish with soup, be careful when picking up the dish, don't worry, wait for the soup to drip onto the dish before picking up the dish, and place it gently on your own plate.

Don't land

In the process of eating, chopsticks falling on the ground is unclean and indecent. You must hold your chopsticks firmly. If the chopsticks fall on the ground accidentally, you must apologize to the person at the table and replace them with new chopsticks.

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