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What are the benefits of eating with chopsticks?

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Eating with chopsticks has many benefits for brain training. At present, many people have begun to use chopsticks to train children's finger coordination. Babies will grab something to eat with their hands about 10 months after birth, and eat with a spoon at about 1 to 2 years old, and start using chopsticks after 2 years old. From the perspective of the development of hand functions, the spoon is grasped by the baby earlier than the fork and chopsticks. certain.

From the time the baby is two years old, the mother should start to train the baby to learn the use of chopsticks. Of course, at this age, the baby wants to learn to eat by himself mainly with a spoon. Chopsticks can only be used as an exercise, such as eating a banana for the baby. You can cut the banana into pieces and put it on the plate, let the baby try to pick up the banana with chopsticks and put it in the mouth. At the same time, parents should sincerely praise the baby's progress and success.

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The many benefits of children eating with chopsticks:

1. Improve movement coordination

The coordination of hands and eyes has played an important role in the process from picking dishes with chopsticks to delivering them to the mouth. So the more chopsticks used, the better the baby's hand-eye coordination.

2. Conducive to the development of intelligence

The touch sensitivity of the fingertips is very high, and the nerve center that manages the fingers occupies a very wide area in the cerebral cortex. Therefore, when children use chopsticks, the hand muscle activity stimulates the physiological activity of the corresponding area of the cerebral cortex, which helps the development of the brain and improves thinking ability.

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3. Cultivate children's self-reliance

Chopsticks are like the extension of human fingers. In the process of learning to use chopsticks, the baby understands the originally abstract concept of "use tools to help oneself" more and more, and he is more confident to do something independently. After children can use chopsticks by themselves, they are often no longer satisfied to eat only the dishes their parents put in the bowl. They will try to use chopsticks and taste various foods.

4. Exercise the development of fine hand movements

The action of using chopsticks to pick up dishes alone requires multiple joints to be affected. Not only the movement of the five fingers, but also the joints of the wrist and elbow. Every time a child picks a dish, it is actually doing a fine hand movement training.

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