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Tips for sharpening kitchen knives

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Such as the slicing knife for cutting vegetables and meat, the bone-cutting knife for cutting bones, the civil and military knife that can cut small chops, etc. How to polish it if it is dull after a long time of use?

Kitchen knives

Coarse grinding

Use the soaked whetstone (fine-grained whetstone) to press the kitchen knife on the whetstone from left to right, or from right to left to know that the blade is sharp. Don't sharpen it up and down, otherwise it will easily curl.

This method can only carry out simple repairing and polishing, and the cycle is short.

Kitchen knives

Fine grinding

Prepare the soaked rough stone, semi-rough whetstone, fine stone and oil stone. Hold the kitchen knife with your fingers. The slicing knife is recommended to be flattened and polished. The blade is repeatedly polished for about 6 hours, and then half-roughed for 1 to 2 hours. Smooth the potholes on the surface of the knife, then polish it with fine stone for one hour, and finally polish it with oil stone for about 6 hours to sharpen the knife. The knife sharpened in this way is sharper and has a longer service life.

It should be noted that during the grinding process, water needs to be continuously added for lubrication and cooling to prevent damage to the knife due to overheating. When polishing, the knife should be polished at an angle of about 15 degrees.

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