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Three bad habits of drinking water

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Drinking water is important for health:

Although there is only one word for water, it can be described as "critical" and "important" for the body. After entering the body, water can freely pass through the cell membrane. This way, it can maintain the balance of various electrolytes in the body and ensure the physiological reaction inside the body. It can proceed smoothly; it is worth paying attention to that water can account for 65% -70% of body weight, which shows the importance of timely supplementation of water to the body. Drinking enough water can maintain a healthy body temperature, promote the body's metabolism, maintain the normal operation of the body, and make your body more comfortable.


Three drinking habits can hurt the kidneys:

Always wait until you are thirsty before drinking water:

After you have felt "thirsty", your body's cells have actually become dehydrated, which will inevitably affect the normal metabolism of the kidneys and induce kidney problems such as kidney stones.

Don't like to drink water, drink sweet drinks for a long time:

The reason why beverages taste better than plain water is that they contain more "sugar". A large intake of sugar will increase the risk of dental caries, obesity, diabetes and other problems on the one hand, and increase calcium in the body on the other hand. The loss of calcium (sugar and phosphate will accelerate the loss of calcium), causing kidney stones and other problems.

Drink too much water:

Not drinking enough water is a bad habit, and drinking too much water is also an incorrect habit. Long-term excessive drinking will undoubtedly increase the risk of "water intoxication", which will induce edema and other problems over time, which is also a kind of damage to the kidneys.


Drinking water like this will help you gain health:

Drink slowly, don't worry:

You should not worry about drinking water at any time. When drinking water, you can take a sip in your mouth first, and use the biological feedback mechanism to convey the thirst center, and give enough hints to the body to help the body absorb it. Drink water, sip, and drink slowly. It is not recommended to drink more than 200ml per time.

Drink warm water for more comfort:

Although ice water is very irritating, it hurts the stomach more and easily induces problems such as abdominal pain and diarrhea. Although hot water is "enthusiastic", it will stimulate the esophagus and stomach after drinking, and even induce related diseases. Relatively speaking, warm water is more comfortable and harmonious. It is recommended that everyone drink boiled water close to body temperature, so as not to trouble the body.

Drink enough water, not limited to "eight glasses of water":

Drinking water is a household thing, and the first thing to do is to "get the amount." Adults should drink 1500-1700 ml in a single day, and calculate the number of drinking cups in a single day based on the net content of their own cups to gain health.

Treat drinking water with wisdom and learn healthy drinking water with science. Your happiness and happiness should start from "drinking boiled water".

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