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There are too many tableware for family dinners, which need to be prepared in advance

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Facts have proved that a set of tableware with beautiful forms and sophisticated craftsmanship can not only adjust people’s mood when eating and increase appetite, but also promote the change of restaurant style. In general, the tableware on the modern table is based on its different styles and characteristics. , The placement is also very particular.


With the improvement of living conditions, we pay more and more attention to the quality of our home life. Kitchen appliances are no exception. We have a family dinner with our family on weekends and feel the warmth from our family. What is the list of kitchen appliances? What are the essential meals? How to choose the appropriate tableware for wine with wine? These are all problems.

In addition to showing off their cooking skills during family dinners, the housewives can choose the right tableware and platters to add more to your table, thus highlighting the hostess’s taste in life and hospitality. Of course, the choice of tableware should also be Pay attention to match with the restaurant style.


This dishware with Nordic ins is made of selected high-temperature ceramics. The texture is exquisite and easy to clean. The surface glaze is smooth and delicate. The size of the tableware is reasonably matched. The surface uses black lines and text to match, which is exquisite. The bottom of the bowl is designed with non-slip and no glazed surface, which makes the use more intimate and assured. The overall style is simple and atmospheric, suitable for all restaurant styles.

If the dinner is mainly Western food, the slender Western forks and spoons not only look very elegant, but with it as a prop to display the plate, the whole picture will rise in an instant, so that people will take it with them when eating. It is pleasing to the eyes. It is good for soup and salad. The material is made of high-quality stainless steel. The surface is plated with a layer of food-grade titanium. The surface is smooth and delicate, and it looks very textured.

Family dinners are very happy, but after the main meal, desserts, tea, etc. should be indispensable. At this time, a dessert container is needed. For desserts, perhaps only a container is needed, but for the host, it is The ritual substitute needed to keep life passionate.

Creative Japanese-style small plates are great for dessert dipping sauces. It is made of selected high-temperature ceramics. The texture is delicate and smooth, and the porcelain is hard, dense, rigorous and high temperature resistant. The surface is rich in glaze. The bottom of the plate is used in a circle. Non-slip design, intimate and safe to use.

This household transparent glass is made of lead-free glass. The straight streamline design is simple and elegant. The texture is thick, hard and durable. The body is transparent and bright. It has a wide range of uses. It can be used to make water glasses, beverage glasses, cocktail glasses, etc. .

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