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There are also tips for buying a cooking spatula. What are the advantages and disadvantages of different materials?

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As the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, a good pot with a good shovel, a good meal is inseparable from the close cooperation between tools and food, so there is still some attention to tableware. Now there are many kinds of cooking shovel of different materials on the market. The use rate of shovel is relatively high, and there are many low-carbon wooden shovel. The safe and environmentally friendly silicone shovel is no less than the other two. So, have you known about the above three materials?


Food grade silicone spatula:

Environmentally-friendly food-grade silicone tableware has only become popular in recent years. The main reason why it can attract consumers is environmentally friendly, new style, diversified in color, simple, generous and practical, and suitable for all kinds of food materials. Both can achieve the benefits of non-stick pan and non-stick shovel.

In terms of materials, it is one of the main reasons that many consumers worry about. Since it belongs to rubber and plastic materials, the problem that they are worried about is whether the silicone spatula produces harmful substances. Fortunately, it uses special cooking food grade resistant materials. It is made of high-temperature (-40°C-250°C) silica gel material with extremely high stability. Even if it is heated in a microwave oven at high temperature, it will not deform or release toxic substances, so don't worry.

Compared with metal spatulas, the silicone spatula is flexible and fits the bottom of the pot better. Its water-resistant, oil-resistant, non-stick, and easy-to-clean characteristics are also popular among cooking enthusiasts. But be careful to use soft cloth and neutral detergent when cleaning, and not use high-strength cleaning tools such as cleaning balls.

Tips: When purchasing, we can judge the quality of environmentally friendly silicone shovel by smelling. Generally, good silica gel will not produce peculiar smell, and only inferior silica gel will have obvious smell.


1.Before the first use, the tableware should be fully washed.

2. After each use, please clean it with a soft cloth and neutral detergent, and keep it dry.

3. Do not use high-strength cleaning tools such as cleaning balls.

Stainless steel spatula:

Stainless steel spatula is a safer product among many spatulas. The stainless steel spatula has a high melting point, so there is no need to worry that the high temperature will deform the stainless steel spatula and release toxic and harmful substances.

In addition, studies have shown that the content of trace elements necessary for the human body such as iron, chromium, and manganese in food cooked with stainless steel utensils is higher than that in foods cooked with other spatulas. Therefore, the rational use of stainless steel spatula is beneficial to human health.

Tip: When choosing a stainless steel spatula, you can judge the quality by observing its thickness. Generally, a better quality stainless steel spatula will be thickened and arced on the shovel head, with a thickness of about 2 mm, so that the spatula fits the shape of the pot and does not damage the pot.

The thickness of a low-quality stainless steel spatula may be only a few tenths of a millimeter. Such a spatula is easy to bend when shoveling heavy objects at high temperatures, and there is a safety risk of burns. At the same time, you can look at the stainless steel model when purchasing. At present, food-grade 304/316 stainless steel is the most comprehensive.


1.Do not soak stainless steel tableware in water for a long time, which will easily reduce the corrosion resistance.

2. After the product is used, take an appropriate amount of detergent and wipe it with a soft cloth or sponge to completely remove the water before storing it, which can make the kitchenware lasting for a long time.


Wooden spatula:

When the silicone rubber spatula was not popular, the wooden spatula was consistently regarded as the perfect match for non-stick pans. The wood feels good and has good heat insulation. You don't need to be afraid of hot hands. It can be used for stir-frying and frying. Because its wood aroma can sometimes add a unique fragrance to food, it can be said to be a multifunctional shovel in the family.

It is easy to clean, but it tends to become black or scorched during use, so please keep it in a cool and ventilated place after cleaning. Keeping it dry will make it last longer.

Tips: When purchasing, we should try our best to choose a wooden spatula with log material and good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.


1.The microwave oven is not available.

2. Do not expose to the sun to avoid discoloration or deformation.

3. Do not immerse the product in water or other liquids for a long time.

4. Please put it in a ventilated place after use.

5. Before using the product for the first time, please clean it and disinfect it with boiling water at high temperature.

6. For the longevity of wood products, it is recommended that you do not put the products in disinfection cabinets and other disinfection tools.

Iron spatula:

Chinese kitchen utensils are known to the world, and a great contribution lies in the use of cast iron spatulas. Nowadays, the popularity of pure iron spatula is gradually taken away by stainless steel spatula, but as a representative of traditional metal spatula, it is still favored by a wide range of cooking gourmets. Many people think that using iron spatula can provide some iron elements, just like iron pan, it is good for human body.

However, the shovel is prone to rust, so be careful to clean it and wipe off the water after washing. Moreover, the shovel is harder and easily scratches the pot body. Household shovel is becoming rarer.

The spatula is to heat the food in the pot evenly, and seasoning more quickly and conveniently. Therefore, the first choice of spatula is safe and easy to use. If it is a general cooking wok, you can use a steel spatula, wooden spatula or silicone; if it is a non-stick pan, try to choose a wooden spatula and silicone spatula that do not damage the pot. , Safe and durable.

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