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The necessary equipment for drinking tea, what's wrong with you?

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Drinking tea is a kind of enjoyment. It is a journey of self-cultivation. Now more and more people like to drink tea. What do you need to drink tea?

Today, I will talk to you about the essentials on the tea table. A tea table and utensils are available before you can make a good cup of tea.

Tea set

Tea table essential

1. The teapot is respected by silver

The tea saint Lu Yu said in the "Tea Classics": "Silver is used for it, it is pure, but it involves extravagance. Elegance is elegant, clean and pure, if used consistently, death belongs to iron." Use silver teapots to make tea without staining sanitary ware, astringent and long rhyme, soften water quality, sweet and soft, gentle and moist, tea soup is full, rich in taste, lips and teeth are fragrant, and silver teapot is suitable for brewing all kinds of good tea without changing the pot.

2. Justice Cup

The fair cup can hold the tea soup to avoid the astringency of the tea leaves for a long time and divide the tea at any time. Pour the tea into the fair cup to lower the temperature of the teacup as soon as possible, and also make the fine tea powder settle, ensuring that the tea soup in the guest cup is clear when the soup is divided.

3. Host cup, guest cup

Master cup

That is, one's own tea cups, stylish tea cups for personal use can show one's taste and personality, and also reveal the status of the holder.

Guest cup

For the cups that entertain guests, the guest cups should be as close as possible to the materials and styles. Although the tea cups are small, they contain endless beauty. From the mouth to the cup, the different shapes, patterns and craftsmanship add to the pleasure of tasting tea.

4. Tea tray

The tea tray is a shallow-bottomed vessel for holding teapots, cups, tea ceremony groups, tea pets and even tea food. It can be large or small, the shape can be square, round or fan-shaped, and the style can be single-layer or sandwich. The sandwich is used to hold waste water. It can be drawer or embedded; the single layer is connected by a plastic pipe. , Discharge the waste water on the plate surface, but still need a bucket under the tea table. A good tea tray itself is exquisite, and it can also set off tea cups and teapots to make them elegant.

Tea set

5. Tea wash

Tools for washing tea. Tea washes are shaped like large bowls in many styles. There are three necessary for cooking time tea, one is used to soak the tea cup, the second is used to soak the cup, and the other is used to hold the cup of water and the tea leaves that have been brewed.

6. Tea towel

An essential item for the tea table, used to wipe the tea set to keep it clean and dry. It is different from the tea towels used to wipe the tea on the table, so they cannot be mixed.

7. Tea Caddy

The tea can is used to store tea, improve the quality of tea, and promote the fermentation and aging of the tea. It is a handicraft that contains the delicate perception of the tea drinker, and is an elegant and playful object for tea people.

Tea table selection

1. Tea Ceremony Six Gentlemen

The six gentlemen of the tea ceremony refer to teaspoon, tea needle, tea leak, tea clip, tea rule, and tea bucket. The auxiliary tools used when drinking tea are generally used in the tea art. If you are more particular about daily tea drinking, you can also provide them. The silver tea drain can effectively filter the remaining tea powder in the tea soup, keep the tea soup smooth and bright, and greatly enhance the pleasure of tea tasting. 

2. Tea pet

Pets nourished by tea or things to play with when drinking tea and tasting tea are exquisite in shape, providing viewing pleasure, implying beauty, and enhancing good luck.

3. Incense sticks

"Burning incense, tasting tea, illustrations, hanging paintings" are the four elegant life of the ancients. Burning incense and tasting tea, light incense when drinking tea, can calm the mind, convey the environmental language of the tea table three-dimensionally, and have a full artistic conception.

Each object of the tea table performs its own duties and plays different roles. With tea as the soul and tea set as the main body, a tea ceremony art with an independent theme is jointly completed in a tea station.

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