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The market for high-value tableware is growing

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"As soon as you enter the kitchen, it's like the sea. The culinary skills don't necessarily grow well, but you can't stop buying tableware anymore!" After resuming work, many young people walked out of the kitchen, but did not get out of the small world of tableware.

Seeing exquisite tableware, I want to buy it home in minutes. Whether it is striped tableware with a modern sense, or pure-color tableware with a simple Nordic style, it is very attractive to people who like cooking and food. Some people say that "food eaten with eyes" refers to the ritual sense of dining. One meal and one meal not only satisfy the taste buds, but also visual enjoyment is equally important. What's more, it is very popular nowadays to "eat your phone first". Before we eat, we will take pictures and send them to friends to share. In order to take better-looking photos, in addition to the food itself, tableware also plays a very important role.


In order to meet the aesthetic needs of more family members and the pursuit of quality of life, there are more and more high-value tableware on the market. The appearance value is high, the price will not be low naturally. The reporter observed that the higher-value porcelain bowls and plates in supermarkets cost more than ten yuan each, and the larger ones cost 70 to 80 yuan. A few days ago, Ms. Chen from Wangjiayuan spent 369 yuan to buy a Japanese-style underglaze dish set: "A full-style tableware set will instantly make life feel different, and you can eat alone. A sense of ritual."


In addition to Nordic style and Japanese style tableware, Chinese style tableware is also very high-value and stylish. The beauty of Chinese ceramics reflects the ingenuity everywhere, and the unique blue and white design makes people feel happy when they eat. The reporter learned that there is no specific brand for Chinese tableware brands. Consumers are advised to observe and check the quality of tableware when purchasing. Buying a set of environmentally friendly and safe tableware is beneficial to the health of family members. At present, the better tableware brands include Shunxiang tableware, Yachengde tableware, Corning tableware, red rose tableware, and Minyang tableware.

Use tableware to set off food and decorate life with such three meals a day. The little beauty of life is nothing more than this.

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