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Ten spoons you must know

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Caviar spoon

A spoon used to scoop expensive caviar. The top of the bowl-shaped area is generally flat, usually made of shells, gold, animal horns or wood.

Chinese spoon

As a spoon used for Chinese food, the handle of a Chinese spoon is short and thick. The bowl-shaped area has a base and a peripheral edge around the base. It is generally used for soup or porridge.


Oliver spoon

Traditionally used to scoop pickled olives, the spoon has a number of small holes at the bottom is its biggest feature. Now it is used to scoop various granular pickled products.

Dessert spoon

The spoon is mainly used for desserts, and occasionally used for western soup and porridge. The size is between teaspoon and tablespoon, and the bowl-shaped area is generally oval.

Egg spoon

The spoon used to eat boiled eggs has a short handle, a large and round bowl-shaped area, and a pointed tip. There is also an egg spoon with a hollow bowl-shaped area.

Grapefruit spoon

The size and shape are not much different from the teaspoon, except that the top of the bowl-shaped area will have a small amount of serrations or sharpness, which is used to cut small pieces of fruit.

Salt spoon

Nowadays, standard salt spoons are generally 5 to 7.5 cm long, and the bowl-shaped area is 1.25 to 2 cm long. The whole spoon is small and delicate.


Saucier spoon

The bowl-shaped area is slightly flat, and there are a number of V-shaped notches on one side, which are used to pour the sauce on fish or other meats. The notches are used to skim excess oil and fat when scooping the sauce.

Western soup spoon

Different from Chinese spoons, western spoons are similar to dessert spoons, but the spoons have a deeper and rounder bowl-shaped area. However, in continental Europe, the pointed spoons are more popular.

Tea spoon

A small and slender spoon is used to stir the tea. The volume standard for the bowl-shaped area is one-third of that of a tablespoon.

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