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Silicone straws that are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws

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Silicone straws are more environmentally friendly than plastic straws, why can't they be promoted? How about silicon straws and how are they different from plastic straws? With this series of questions, silicone products factory will answer you in detail. First, introduce our commonly used plastic straws. Most of the materials are made of plastic, because the cost of plastic straws is very low. Drinks and beverage merchants will give straws. Plastic materials are not recyclable and only used once.

Silicone straw

Compared with plastic straws, the price of silicone straws is higher, which is mainly reflected in the raw materials. The cost of silicone raw materials must rise. Therefore, the silicone tube is not suitable for one-time use. If you use it in your own home, you can use a silicone tube or not use a plastic tube. Silicone rubber tube is resistant to high temperature and low temperature. Put it in the refrigerator or boil it in boiling water, it will not damage the silicone tube or produce any harmful substances. Plastic straws that are easy to age and are not resistant to high and low temperatures.

Even certain high-temperature plastic pipes can produce harmful substances. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone recommend the use of silicone straws: high temperature resistant food-grade silicone straws | environmentally friendly recyclable silicone straws, customized disposable plastic straws will also cause great damage to the environment, plastic products require hundreds of years of natural environment degradation. It is harmful to health and the environment, and the silicone tube can decompose quickly and naturally without causing any harm to the environment. Safer and more environmentally friendly.

Silicone straw

Miscellaneous parts of silica gel are ubiquitous, and have a wide range of uses in various applications and industrial fields. Although their use is usually relatively simple, they are very complex in production and cannot be ignored in selection and customization, otherwise they will pay a price.

Although it is a very simple miscellaneous silicone parts, its importance in engineering and manufacturing is often overlooked. And don't regret it after the product comes out. The important thing is to do the work that should be done before the product is produced, such as selecting materials.

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