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Should a spoon or chopsticks be better for children to eat at the age of two?

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The baby is already two years old. Do we need to teach children how to use chopsticks now? How to teach the best effect? In this way, eating for children has become one of the most headaches for parents.

Chopsticks are one of the traditional Chinese tableware. Learning to use chopsticks is also a skill that every school-aged child should master. Because after the age of three is the most critical period for a child’s intellectual development, using chopsticks can not only exercise the child’s five fingers, but also promote brain development. Therefore, even if the child does not know how to use chopsticks, parents should not force the child to learn. It should be guided by proper guidance and a lot of patience. Then when should we guide and how to guide?

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1. When can I use chopsticks? No need to be too early

Teaching children to use chopsticks shouldn't be too hasty. You should seize the opportunity to make progress gradually. Babies under 2 years old are too young and their brain development is not perfect. Therefore, it is generally recommended that when the baby is ten months old, you can try to take a spoon to practice eating by yourself. Eat with a spoon skillfully. Later, when the child is three to four years old, he will have a strong interest in chopsticks when he sees that everyone at home is using chopsticks to eat, and he is willing to study and imitate them. At this time, parents can prepare and practice chopsticks for their children. Children’s hands are very delicate, and parents have to work hard when choosing chopsticks for their babies. Plastic chopsticks are too slippery and food is not easy to pick up. Wooden chopsticks sometimes have small wooden thorns, which can easily get into the baby’s hands. Not only that, these two materials are also prone to residual bacteria, which are not suitable for babies and affect their health. Therefore, the best choice is non-toxic and harmless bone chopsticks.

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2. How to guide children to use chopsticks? Cultivate children's enthusiasm

Anything that never comes to an easy task requires a learning process. When teaching the baby to use chopsticks, not only the children's interest, but also the parents' continuous encouragement and enough patience. Parents first demonstrate to the children in slow motion, and then tell the children the essentials, and let the children imitate invisibly. If the baby is not flexible enough with his fingers, it is easy to be unable to grasp it or make the floor full of food, and then the parents blame the child and jokes, which will make the child frustrated and make the child dislike learning to use chopsticks, so use the most gentle The most patient words to comfort and encourage the child, let him know that you have been supporting him. Parents can also add one or two favorite dishes to the baby’s daily meals, and the baby will continue to try and explore. When the child uses a slow motion to deliver the food into his mouth, he will taste it with satisfaction. Parents can make more exaggerated actions to praise and praise some words, so that children feel the sense of honor, so that children will have the enthusiasm to eat independently.

Many parents did not develop good eating habits for their children when they were young, so children often have trouble using tableware. Through the introduction today, do you all know how children use tableware correctly? In fact, for children, the guidance of adding people is very important, and the attitude of parents must also be patient, and remember not to be too impatient.

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