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Problems that need attention when buying red wine glasses

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Red wine glasses are more elegant, and they are also used at home by many Chinese families. So what should you pay attention to when buying red wine glasses?

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1. Look at the selection of materials

When choosing a red wine glass, look at the material selected. It is the material of the red wine glass. The ordinary glass material has a heavy touch, while the crystal glass material has a crystal clear and light touch. In comparison between the two, the crystal glass material can better reflect the charm of red wine . Choosing a good crystal can better see the color of red wine, giving people a crystal clear feeling visually, and it is also a visual enjoyment when tasting wine.

2. Look at workmanship

Second, look at the workmanship of the red wine glass. There are two main red wine glass production processes, one is manual blowing and the other is machine pressing. Compared with manual blowing, machine suppression is more rigid, with a little more air bubbles, while manual blowing is purely handmade, with higher artistry, light touch, high transparency, and the sound is clear when clinking glasses, and the reverberation is lingering. The miller is processing the crystal wine glass. A well-made crystal wine glass should be exquisite and delicate, which can not only fully show the external beauty (shape, style, symmetry, etc.) of the crystal product, but also maximize its inner beauty (crystal).

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3. Look at polishing

The quality of polishing directly affects the value of crystal wine glasses. Wine glasses with high gloss are generally blown manually, while wine glasses pressed by a machine have a darker gloss. This is the difference between the two materials and the workmanship. Therefore, the price will be different. The crystal wine glass must be polished with emery during the processing, and the rough production will cause friction marks on the crystal surface.

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