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Please pay attention to the baby tableware, what material is good?

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Parents are dazzled by the dazzling array of tableware for babies on the market. Which tableware is more suitable for babies’ daily use? Baby tableware can generally be divided into plastic, wood, imitation porcelain, stainless steel and so on. So, what material is better for baby tableware?

1. Imitation porcelain tableware:

The most practical but the quality is difficult to guarantee. The texture is soft, smooth as porcelain but also very light and thin, not afraid of being dropped or deformed, and the heat preservation performance is very good and not hot. Imitation porcelain tableware is more complicated to make, so it is easy to adulterate. Many companies use toxic urea-formaldehyde molding powder instead of normal resin raw materials, because molding powder is much cheaper.

Reminder: The bottom of the regular melamine tableware has detailed enterprise information, production license QS mark and number. It also depends on whether the product is evenly colored, whether it is deformed, and whether the surface is smooth. After buying it, boil it in boiling water for half an hour, dry it and cook it for another half an hour. Repeat four times. If there are whitish and black spots, it is a defective product.


2. Plastic tableware:

Let the baby love to eat more. It looks good, can make the baby more interested in eating, and is fall-resistant. Greasy dirt is easy to adhere to, difficult to clean, and edges and corners are easy to rise after friction, causing insecurity.

Tip: It is not suitable to eat foods that require heat preservation and are too oily. It is best to choose colorless, transparent or plain color. If you want to attract the baby's attention, you can bring flowers on the outside of the tableware, but not on the inside. Don't buy plastic tableware with odors and messy colors.

3. Stainless steel tableware:

Suitable for drinking water. Mother is most assured: easy to scrub, not easy to breed bacteria, less chemical elements, suitable for drinking water. Stainless steel cutlery is easy to burn, and unqualified heavy metal content can endanger health. Do not hold vegetables with vegetable soup for a long time, because the vegetable soup often contains acidic substances, which will dissolve the nickel and chromium in the unqualified stainless steel tableware. These heavy metals are eaten by the baby in the stomach and will affect the brain and heart health.

Tip: Stainless steel meals have three codes: "13-0", "18-0" and "18-8". The number before the code represents the chromium content, and the back represents the nickel content. Chromium is a material that prevents the product from rusting, and nickel is a corrosion-resistant material. The higher the nickel content, the better the quality. However, nickel and chromium are heavy metals, so we must choose products with strong technology, high quality, and national standards. Also be careful not to use stainless steel utensils to hold acidic foods.

4. Ceramic and glass tableware:

Environmentally friendly and healthy but fragile. Glass and ceramics are the main tableware used by adults. They are environmentally friendly and have perfect craftsmanship. The ceramic and glass tableware is easy to break, which can harm the baby.

Tip: Glass and ceramics are indeed very safe tableware, the biggest problem is that they are fragile. In addition, pay attention to the ceramic tableware to buy underglaze colors. The method of selection is very simple, that is, the ceramic tableware with smooth surface and no pattern feeling. Of course, it is better if it is a ceramic tableware with a solid color, no pattern and a smooth surface.


5. Bamboo and wood tableware:

If you want to buy wooden tableware, buy unpainted ones. If the baby tableware is made of wood, it has good heat preservation, is more natural, the texture is more delicate and soft, and it is not easy to hurt the baby. It is not easy to clean, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Decorative paint is highly toxic.

Tips: Buy wooden or bamboo tableware. It is best not to buy those with shiny or painted surfaces. Because most of the tableware decorated with paint contains lead, long-term use is not good for the baby's health, so it is best to use natural products.

6. Enamel tableware:

Good tableware that fades away. Good insulation, less harmful substances. It is easy to deform after being beaten many times, and the porcelain is easy to fall off and be eaten into the stomach by the baby. The production cost is high and the process is complicated, so it is rarely seen.

Tips: Enamel tableware is very suitable for babies, but it should not be used for too long. It must be replaced after a period of time to prevent the porcelain from falling out and eating. Also be careful not to buy patterns on the inner wall.

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