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Places to pay attention to when placing tableware in western food

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Eating is not only an attitude, or a spirit, but also a love of life. But for foodies, there is nothing that can’t be eaten in all the delicacies in the world, and nothing is solved by eating. It's impossible. In many cases, it's just what you can't think of, not what foodies can't eat. Today’s foodies are also very enthusiastic about the pursuit of food. As long as there is delicious food, whether it is on the roadside or on the street, it will be unobstructed, whether you are a restaurant, a restaurant, or a high-end hotel. Anyone who eats goods will spend a certain amount of money to patronize. For example, some foreign snacks and western restaurants as well as steaks and pizzas are all very willing to share. Today I want to talk to you about some interesting things in western restaurants. Western restaurant foreman: Pay attention to your own tableware placement, you can avoid a lot of embarrassment!


In the eyes of us Chinese, Western food may not taste so delicious. Compared with our Chinese food, it is really a lot worse, but there are some people who are willing to challenge the taste of Western food. Because the atmosphere in western food is very good, and the environment is very quiet, it is a very suitable place for everyone to date. Moreover, the western restaurant also gives people a very high-end feeling. The waiters in the western restaurant also seem to be full of temperament. Many people think that the waiters in western restaurants are very demanding. In fact, your perceptions are all wrong. Some western restaurants have customers who have left for a long time, but the plates are still placed on the table. No one went to clean up. Out of curiosity, I went to find the foreman. Some of her words made me feel a lot of knowledge instantly.


Everyone often encounters this situation when eating out. It’s really difficult for a person to go to the toilet halfway through the meal. If you have something on hand, you will put it on the table to indicate that I will pay. Please don't take it away if you haven't finished it. But if there is nothing, it will be very embarrassing. You have to talk to the waiter, otherwise they will think you have eaten well and take the bowl away. Western restaurants are very user-friendly. In order to avoid this embarrassment, everyone can master the correct use of tableware when eating Western food, so as to avoid their food being taken away by them when going to the toilet.

Everyone of us now knows that the tableware used when eating Western food is really different for us when eating Chinese food. They don’t use chopsticks at all when eating, because chopsticks are particularly difficult to use in their eyes. , And they will also choose to use some simpler knives and forks. Different ways of placing knives and forks express different meanings. After the foreman in this restaurant told me these things, I really felt that I had eaten steak and western food so many times for nothing. As long as you can master the placement of tableware, you don't need to deliberately occupy a seat when eating Western food.

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