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List of necessary baking tools for novice bakers (2)

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Baking introductory tool. As a baker, what tools do you need to help you complete the cake?

01. Measuring tools

Baking is most concerned about quantitative and the proportion of ingredients, so weighing tools are essential!

A. Kitchen electronic scale: Select a special electronic scale made of stainless steel (corrosion-resistant and easy to clean), accuracy of 1g, and peeling function.

B. Measuring cup and measuring spoon: Choose 4 combinations of measuring spoons, which are 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, 1/4 teaspoon, which is very convenient when measuring various powdery ingredients.

Baking tools

Note: Baking needs to weigh the ingredients in strict accordance with the formula, and choose different weighing devices according to the different properties of the liquid and solid materials and the required weight. The measuring cup is suitable for weighing more liquids and solids, and the measuring spoon is suitable for weighing small amounts. When measuring, you should also pay attention to reading the data correctly. The powder needs to remove the convex part of the surface, and it should not be too compact. To measure the liquid, the line of sight must be level with the concave liquid surface. Some recipes will say, a few teaspoons, a fraction of a teaspoon, or a few cups. At this time, you need an accurate measuring cup and spoon.

02 Food grade thermometer

When making bread, the dough needs to be fermented, and a thermometer can be used to control the temperature required for fermentation very accurately.

Some of our breads have strict temperature requirements during fermentation and baking, and it is often difficult for a novice or a novice to distinguish whether the bread is cooked through its appearance and feel.

At this time, use a probe-type thermometer and insert the probe into the center of the dough to quickly make a judgment. The temperature of sweet bread exceeds 85°C, while that of European bread is about 94°C. Attention here: Use a food-grade thermometer with safety guarantee! ! !

03 Whisk

We often need to whip butter, eggs, and whipped cream to make pastries. It is not easy to whip these ingredients. Therefore, we generally choose to use an electric whisk, which not only has high power and fast speed, but also saves a lot of time to pass. If you use manual or chopsticks, you have already foreseen the appearance of the hands being broken.

04 Flour sieve

When baking, the powder needs to be sieved. The sieving can filter the larger particles in the powder and make the powder more uniform and fluffy, which is good for mixing.

Direct use of powders that cannot be sieved will cause uneven texture in the finished pastry. The flour sieve can also be used to sieve cocoa powder, powdered sugar and other decorative powders on the surface of the finished product. Flour sieves are usually divided into handheld sieves and cup sieves. It is recommended that you try to buy a large and a small material or choose stainless steel when shopping. If you like to make desserts such as cakes and biscuits, it is better to choose 40 mesh or 60 mesh flour.

05 Silicone pad

As the name suggests, the kneading mat is a mat used to knead the dough. Its function is similar to that of a chopping board, but due to its silicone material, the silicone mat is also a very worthwhile item in baking. Because it is non-sticky and easy to clean, it can be used to make biscuits and so on. Silicone mats with glass fiber can even go into the oven. And the cleaning of the silicone pad is also very convenient, clean it when not in use, and then put it away without taking up space. A ruler is printed on part of the kneading pad, which makes it easy to control the size of the dough whether it is kneading or fermentation.

06 Rolling pin

The rolling pin is used to roll, roll, and roll. It is used to shape biscuits, bread, and traditional pastries. It can also be used to roll cake rolls. It is very useful. If you have it in your home, you don't need to buy it.

Baking rolling pins are generally one size smaller than household rolling pins. It has many uses, such as pressing dough, exhausting bread, and shaping dough. In order to prevent sticking when using a wooden rolling pin, you need to sprinkle a little flour on the counter, which may dry out the flour, while a rolling pin made of silicone is not easy to stick.

07 Fermentation Basket

Fermentation basket is an indispensable tool for making European-style bread. It is mainly used for secondary fermentation and molding. The common ones are round, oval, and triangle.

When the dough is fermented, the ring-shaped marks of the fermentation basket will naturally be embedded into the dough, so that a pattern is formed on the outside of the dough, and the pattern is still clear after baking.

08 Tool

The serrated bread knife is an indispensable tool for baking enthusiasts. With the serrated bread knife, you can cut smoother and flatter surfaces. Unlike everything in the end, when using a sawtooth bread knife, cut back and forth like a saw tree. Long serrated knives are often used to cut crusty bread, and short serrated knives are used for soft or small breads. Scissors are used to cut dough and make shapes.

09 Oil brush

The oil brush is used to brush oil, egg liquid, milk, marinade, etc. on the surface of the bread. Oil brushes are usually divided into silicone brushes and hair brushes. The silicone brushes are easy to clean and can meet all basic brushing functions. The application of the brush will be more delicate, but it is more difficult to clean, and you may face the embarrassment of hair loss after using it for a long time. Professional bakers often use the oil sprayer when making European-style bread, which can spray a uniform non-stick coating with the least amount of oil, and the operation is more convenient. It is also available for home baking.

Baking tools

10 cutting boards

Special cutting boards are required for baking. For example, if the baking cutting board is mixed with the cutting board at home, the residual aftertaste will be mixed into the bread due to improper cleaning, and the bread will be mixed with strange taste. At the same time, a beautiful cutting board is also conducive to setting and shooting.

11 Planing grater

Sometimes you will use lemon zest when making products. At this time, the peeler and grater will save you a lot of effort. 12 cutting wheel.

The cutting wheel can be said to be very useful for cutting foods such as pies and pizza. (Mainly you can prepare one for frequent gatherings at home).

12 Chef machine

It can make a small amount of batter, cream, and egg mixture mix faster and better. (You don’t need to buy a male ticket at home, you can ask him to help you knead the dough.)

13 Drying net and wire rack

This is a tool for cooling cakes, biscuits, and bread. Freshly baked bread and cakes are not suitable for immediate consumption. They need to be cooled before they can be eaten. This is when the drying nets show their talents.

Wire racks allow air to circulate as they cool during the baking process, so they taste as good at room temperature as when they are taken out of the oven.

14 Tinfoil paper, oil paper, plastic wrap

When the bread is baked to the later stage, it is often covered with a layer of tin foil to prevent the surface from becoming too dark. Grease paper is used to put on the baking pan to isolate the baking pan from the dough to prevent adhesion and facilitate cleaning of the baking pan.

When the dough is fermented and relaxed, it is necessary to cover the dough with plastic wrap to prevent the surface of the dough from evaporating and drying out.

15 Cake mold release knife

This is a must. When you make chiffon and sponge, the cake will stick to the mold badly. Therefore, it is necessary to use a stripping knife to make a slight circle to release the mold without damaging the cake mold. Some cake stripping knives are also used to divide cakes and breads.

Note: It is best to heat the props for a while when cutting the bread, so that the cut bread will not have any residue.

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