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Is there a safety hazard for wooden tableware? How to choose when buying?

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Wooden tableware is very popular nowadays. Wooden tableware gives people a natural and simple feeling, and can also increase the artistic atmosphere of the home. Wooden tableware is very light, strong and durable, and has many advantages. So are the wooden tableware used in our daily life safe? How to choose when buying?

1. Is there any safety hazard in the wooden tableware used in our daily life?

Wooden tableware is made of natural wood. If it is not used for protective lacquer, it will easily be corroded and moulded by liquids such as water and oil during long-term use. Therefore, generally wooden tableware will be painted to protect the surface.

Raw lacquer is more common in doors and windows, furniture, and supplies made in ancient ways. It is the only lacquer method in ancient China. The emperor of the Forbidden City in Beijing relied on it from city gates, pillars, to furniture. Its source is sumac. It is a milky white gelatinous liquid cut from the knee tree. Once exposed to air, it turns brown. After a few hours, the surface hardens to form patent leather. The economic value of raw lacquer is very high. It has corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, acid resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, good water resistance and insulation, and is rich in gloss. It is used for military industry, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, infrastructure, handicrafts and High-quality polyester materials for civil furniture.


These lacquerware not only have the unique national style of our country, but also because the raw lacquer has a bright film, durable color and excellent gloss retention performance, it has the characteristics of not changing color for a long time, not easy to be polluted, not afraid of insects and not affected by temperature. Raw lacquer is a natural substance collected from the sumac tree, and the price is relatively high.

Chemical paint is a paint made using chemical raw materials, etc., combined with modern science and technology. This kind of paint is very destructive to the ecological environment and human health. The formaldehyde and benzene contained in paint are things that many people are afraid of. Therefore, chemical paint cannot be used on wooden tableware, and tableware that has been painted cannot be used to hold food.

Therefore, no matter what kind of wooden tableware, it is not recommended to use paint, let alone where the tableware touches food. So what exactly is the tableware used for painting? How to protect it? In fact, wooden tableware is generally painted with environmentally friendly products such as raw lacquer, wood wax oil and water-based paint on the outside. These environmentally friendly products are also painted on the outside that does not directly contact the food, rather than directly painted on the inside. Therefore, when using wooden tableware, food-grade oils such as olive oil can be used to protect and brush the internal contact with food.

It is of course good to use wooden tableware, but it depends on what kind of wooden tableware you choose. For example, if you choose a poor-quality wooden bowl, the manufacturer has to paint to cover its clumsiness, which will cause physical harm to the person who uses it. Because the wood used in inferior wooden tableware may not be good wood, and it may be harmful to the body after use. Therefore, in the selection of wooden tableware, wooden bowls made of persimmon trees, apple trees, pear trees, etc. should be selected. These good woods are hard in texture, high in density, not easy to rot and mold, and will not emit harmful flavors. At the same time, in the choice of wooden tableware, it is advisable to choose plain wood, that is, it has not been treated with corrosion resistance and painted, otherwise, the surface may also contain harmful and toxic substances such as lead. The reason why wooden tableware is good is that its natural texture has less pollution; it is light in weight, strong and durable; it has good heat preservation, and it is not hot or cold; it can be customized as a handicraft.


2. How to choose wooden tableware

Wooden tableware is best without cracks, hard wood and smooth surface. If you want to choose good quality, you should know some knowledge about wood. Choose wooden tableware, try not to choose those that have been painted. Painted wooden tableware has a shiny appearance. Most of the painted tableware has a high lead content. After long-term use, the paint will enter the body with food and endanger human health. It is best to choose natural wood Tableware.

Smell: Natural wood has a natural fragrance. The processed low-quality wooden tableware contains harmful substances and smells peculiar. Look at the color: don't buy the color particularly white or particularly bright. Look at the texture: the surface of the wooden tableware should be hard, smooth and free of cracks. When choosing, you can use your thumb to make a cross-section to see if it is hard enough. Take disposable wooden chopsticks as an example. They are very brittle, and they will break with a slight break. Look at the weight: This is very important when choosing wooden tableware. The quality is too light and not very suitable. For example, disposable tableware feels light and fluttering. In addition, the choice of wooden tableware should pay attention to the relative density. Tableware with good wood tends to sink in water, while ordinary wood is the opposite.

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