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Is the silicone tableware for babies really safe?

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"Is the silicone tableware for babies really safe?" It is certain that silicone is indeed a very suitable material for babies. Silicone products have now been widely used in various fields and are essential in daily life. The reason why silica gel products can gradually replace glass and plastic applications in various fields is mainly because of their non-toxic and tasteless characteristics.

The silicone tableware used by babies for eating is food-grade silicone products. For example, bowls and spoons for eating, baby pacifiers in the mouth, etc., many are made of food-grade silicone. Its texture is light, soft, but also resistant to drop, high temperature, non-slip, good heat insulation, no toxicity, no taste, no BPA and other characteristics, which meet the safety requirements.


It’s easy for babies to knock over the cutlery, but don’t worry about the silicone cutlery. Even if the silicone tableware is burned, no toxic gas will be generated, but silica, water vapor, etc. will be generated. Unlike those plastics, pungent and toxic gases are produced at high temperatures.

However, some manufacturers, in order to control costs when manufacturing silica gel products, will replace the environmentally friendly odorless vulcanizing agent, which is a catalyst, with ordinary vulcanizing agents, which leads to the unsafety of silicone products. So parents must pay attention to screening when choosing. Usually food-grade silicone products manufactured by regular manufacturers will have a certificate. Parents may not be able to see it when buying, so be sure to choose professional brand silicone products. In addition, parents can also make simple identification.

You can smell the smell first, food-grade silicone tableware is basically tasteless. Secondly, the tableware made of food-grade silicone has high transparency and will not turn yellow. You can also try to pull the silicone tableware. After the regular silicone tableware is stretched, it will be restored well, and no white substance will appear during the pulling process.

Finally, after the parents buy it back, do not rush to use it. You can boil the water at a high temperature and treat it before using it. Regular silicone tableware is safe, so don't worry too much.


In summary, when parents choose tableware for their babies, they can choose qualified silicone tableware for their babies by paying attention to the following points.

1.Choose food-grade silica gel as the material. Food-grade silica gel is more resistant to high temperatures and can be used within the temperature range of -40°C to 240°C.

2. Choose tableware marked "BPA free", such as: 0% BPA, BPA free.

3. Tableware must be tasteless.

4. Choose transparent or light-colored tableware, especially the inner wall of the bowl must choose colorless and pictureless.

5. The surface of the tableware should be smooth and free of impurities or bubbles.

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