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Imitation porcelain bowls are not the only tableware

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Imitation porcelain bowl is a sturdy and non-breakable daily necessities, which is widely used in families with children. Its color is often colorful, so many children like it. However, this common tableware containing formaldehyde will bring great harm to our lives. Not only imitation porcelain bowls, but other items in life also contain a large amount of formaldehyde, you must use it with caution. We must maintain a high degree of vigilance against these items.

Release source 1: Imitation porcelain bowl

It is a tableware made of resin and looks like porcelain. Because of its bright color and strong gloss, it is very popular with babies. But most cheap imitation porcelain bowls will release formaldehyde molecules after high temperature. Therefore, when purchasing such products, we must pay attention to purchasing qualified products.


Release Source 2: Wallpaper

Wallpaper, as the most important wall material, is widely used in every household. And we use a lot of glue to paste wallpaper. Glue is the largest hiding place for formaldehyde molecules, so it is best to use vegetable glue that even rats eat. In addition, if the wallpaper used is inferior, the formaldehyde contained in it must be indispensable. So when choosing a wallpaper, be sure to choose an environmentally friendly wallpaper.

Release source 3: New clothes

There are many new clothes in the production process, and a certain amount of formaldehyde is added in order to remove wrinkles, preserve color, and prevent corrosion. Therefore, whether it is close-fitting clothes or coats, it is best to rinse them with water before wearing them. If it is not convenient to clean the quilted jacket, it should be ventilated and exposed. Here are some formaldehyde cleaning methods for everyone.


Method 1: Scientifically remove aldehydes

It uses molecular sieve as the basic carrier, newly added CLO purification factor, protein biological enzyme, negative ion, coconut shell activated carbon and other new materials, combined with the scientific ratio of traditional adsorption and decomposition materials, and the specially added CLO purification factor is more effective for household air pollution. Good purification of the air, which distinguishes the passive adsorption form of traditional activated carbon. Sumex decomposes formaldehyde at the source, weak static electricity actively adsorbs various free-state pollution in the air, three-year sun-free cycle decomposition, avoids secondary pollution, and achieves faster pollution control , The governance effect is more obvious.

Method 2: Electric fan

Ventilation and purification of formaldehyde is an ancient method, but the effect is not particularly obvious in some rainy and haze weather. Therefore, in order to let the air containing formaldehyde exit the room, a fan can be placed in the room to accelerate the indoor air circulation and achieve efficient aldehyde removal.

Method 3: Activated carbon

Its porous structure provides it with a large amount of surface area, enabling it to contact and adsorb formaldehyde molecules in the air. But it can only adsorb formaldehyde and cannot decompose. So it needs to be replaced after 30 days of use.

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