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How to set up various dining tables in different styles?

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The table setting is an important item in the soft decoration. It is easy to implement and full of changes. It is the daily manifestation of home style and quality of life. Different soft decoration styles have different requirements for table layout.

1. Hong Kong style table setting

The biggest feature of the Hong Kong-style table layout is the choice of tableware. Because the materials and shapes of Hong Kong-style home furnishings are mostly excellent, those exquisite ceramic tableware are often selected on the dining table to match the tablecloths. The embellishment colors are often dark purple, deep red and other low-purity colors, so as not to lose the sense of nobility.

2. Chinese style table setting

The Chinese style pursues elegance, subtlety and dignity. The choice of tableware is restrained and not too exaggerated. Some auspicious patterns with Chinese charm are reflected on the dining buttons or placemats to convey the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics. Some tableware with thick and rough texture may make the dining mood become quite different, simple and natural, fresh and stable. In addition, the jade pendant with tassels is often used as an element of plate arrangement on Chinese dining tables.

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3. American style table setting

The American style is characterized by freedom and comfort, without too much pretentiousness, and a casual and casual atmosphere. Therefore, the dining table can be arranged in a rich variety of content. Candlesticks, wind oil lamps, small green plants, and scattered small pine cones can all be used as decorations. There is no strict requirement on the selection of tableware, which must be a complete set, which can be matched at will. It feels warm and relaxing, and the appetite is doubled.

4. Modern style dining table layout

The modern style is mainly concise, practical and atmospheric, and has high requirements for the texture of decoration materials and colors. The decorations on the dining table can be made of metal materials, and the lines should be simple and smooth, which can effectively reflect this style. The materials of modern style tableware include glass, ceramics and stainless steel, with simple shapes and basically monochromatic. Generally, there are no more than three colors of tableware on the table, and black and white or black and red combinations are common. Sometimes the color of tableware is considered together with the color of the kitchen or refrigerator.

5. Southeast Asian style table setting

Southeast Asian style is famous for its natural beauty and strong national characteristics. Rattan weaving and woodcarving home decorations are often used to reflect the primitive and natural simplicity. Therefore, the table layout still adheres to this principle. In addition, some colorful decorations can be appropriately added on the dining table. The colors form a contrast, and have the effect of pleasant mood and increase appetite.

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6. French style table setting

Elegance and romance are the consistent styles of French-style soft furnishings, so fresh and light colors are better for tableware. The printing should be fine and elegant, it is best to match the napkins of the same color, and the colors should not be too complicated. Silver decorations can be used as collocations on the dining table, such as flowers, candle holders, and napkin buttons, but they should not be too large and should be small and exquisite.

7. Nordic style table setting

The Nordic style is known for its simplicity and preference for natural materials. The choice of raw wood-colored dining tables and wooden tableware can reflect this characteristic properly, making the space warm and simple. Do not need too many gorgeous decorative elements, the geometric pattern table runner is the best choice for the Nordic style. In addition to wood, glassware with simple lines and soft colors can also be decorated to retain the original texture of the material.

8. Industrial style dining table arrangement

Industrial-style table arrangements usually do not have tablecloths or tablecloths, keeping them clean and tidy. There is often a striking centerpiece in the center of the dining table, such as a small box containing a few dried pumpkins, green plants in a small wooden box, a few large glass candle cups, or a layered fruit plate made of iron and a fruit plate made of galvanized iron. Bracket etc. Industrial-style tableware is dominated by simple and elegant white ceramics, and the surface is usually not painted.

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