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How to distinguish the quality of stainless steel tableware?

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1. Generally speaking, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel is related to the nickel content. The higher the nickel content, the better the corrosion resistance (but not absolute). Most of the stainless steel in contact with food in food factories is 304, with nickel content of more than 8%, and 316L is used for individual appliances with high requirements (with nickel content of more than 12%, medical scalpels are used).


2. With or without magnetism, the situation and grade of nickel in stainless steel cannot be fully proved. Magnetism is related to the processing during the smelting of steel (the arrangement of molecules is changed after annealing or quenching after thermal melting). I used to think that this can be used to judge stainless steel. Later, when I came to the food processing industry, I discovered that there are many grades of stainless steel, and the standards of various countries and regions are not the same. There are Japanese standards, American standards, German standards, and Chinese standards. And so on, the frequently said 201, 304 and other grades that use numbers to indicate the grades are mostly Japanese standard or American standard (and the same is 316L, the Japanese standard and the American standard are different, one requires 12% nickel and the other requires 10%). In addition to the nickel content, it is also related to process factors such as processing.

3. The general tableware is reluctant to use 304. The new tableware has a nameplate. You can see the specific material by looking at the standards it implements. I have paid attention to the nameplates of some tableware, and found that their materials are also uneven, but there are basically no 304 materials.


4.Stainless steel does not mean that it will never rust. It is generally not afraid of acid, and mainly afraid of chloride ions, that is, food containing salt (316L stainless steel used in soy sauce factories will corrode after a long time). There is a small stainless steel bowl with low nickel content in my house.

5. Don't worry about these problems, even if you use iron guys, there is no harm to the human body. Metal utensils that come into contact with food are generally fine as long as they are not aluminum or copper or other heavy metals.

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